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Anne Lamott:  The reason life works at all is that not everyone in your tribe is nuts on the same day.

We played bunco tonight and our group is a diverse combination of ages, jobs, political and religious beliefs, marriages, and drink preferences.  We currently play with 16 women, but tonight we played with 12.  Our group has been playing together for more than ten years, and we play for money, with prizes given at the end of the night for most buncos, least points, and others.

We really like each other. That is, except when the money at the end of the night is split between just a few lucky players.  Which means that the rest of us go home with nothing.  At least for me, I’m just jealous.  Last month, I was very lucky to win about $50 and I was thrilled.  Tonight?  Nothing!  Most months I find myself just making a donation to the bunco pot.

Bunco is definitely not a game of skill, but just a game of chance.  The same is true of bingo, and next week I’ll be playing mah jongg again.  A definite game of skill and strategy, and I’m far from being a good player.  I’m going to sign up to play in a mah jongg tournament next month, and the only reason I’ll play is because they have a beginner section of players.

I’m thankful for my bunco tribe, who are all nuts in some way, and it worked out that not everyone was nuts tonight.




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