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Heben Nigatu:  Carry yourself with the confidence of Oprah putting herself on the cover of her magazine every month.

Doesn’t everyone have a friend that will tell you exactly how it is?  Tell you things you don’t really want to hear, but you need to hear?  I’m lucky to have several people like that in my life.  When I question something about my day, I hear one or more voices asking “Is that what you want?” or “Are you sure?”

I’m at a crossroads.  Pursue other job opportunities?  Get involved once again in my direct sales business?  Join another direct sales business?

The question I ask myself constantly is “Do I want another office job?”  Do I want to work in a law firm again?  Go work in the library (the very first job I wanted as a kid)?  Volunteer somewhere and do good for someone?

Is discrimination an issue for older workers to consider?  One age discrimination study included a pair testers, one aged 57 and one aged 32.  They each applied for 102 entry-level sales or management jobs in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Although their credentials described them as equally qualified, the older applicant received less favorable responses.

Who doesn’t want to think only the good of people?  No employer I know would discriminate, right?  I need to get out there and test the waters.  When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening.  That’s where your power is.


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