Crafting the 60 Blog

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Saint Theresa of Calcutta:  Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.

Leslie is tasked with making some Valentine’s Day cards for her boss.  Leslie’s been rubber stamping and making cards for years and I love to just watch.  I think my fingers are too big and my brain isn’t wired to create something new and different.

I am lucky to have good friends.  Shannon, a lapsed scrapbooker, took time out of her busy day to bring her Silhouette machine over to help Leslie handcut designs for the cards.  The machine is amazing because we now have lots of perfect cut-out hearts.  Because, really, who can cut a perfect heart with just scissors?  (I look challenged when I hold a pair of scissors because I hold them as if I were left-handed.  Duh.)

My favorite girl, Marissa, is spending the weekend with us.  So she’s the one who is retrieving the supplies from the garage.  And she now has a new name, Marissa With The Good Handwriting.  (Take that Beyonce!)

Shannon was late to a family party, and she’s coming back tomorrow for more crafting and fun.  Leslie and Marissa have been making cards all afternoon.  I’ll be working in the garage.  Or not.




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