Crafting (again) the 60 Blog

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It’s amazing how three minutes with the wrong person feels like an eternity, yet three hours with the right one feels like only a moment.

Craft Day, part 2.  Shannon and Marissa were here to help Leslie with her Valentine’s Day cards.  They were busy creating and gluing and designing.  Me?  I was sitting in the middle of the table watching all three of them…like a tennis match.  Back and forth, admiring the creativity and fervor.

When I finally decided I could be of help, I opened a package of pre-fab cards that required a little bit of assembly.  So I opened the package, removed some tape, and made a few folds.  Voila!  Cards were made, and proudly made by me!

I had other plans for today.  We were going to purge crap in the garage and Marissa was going to be the head organizer.  Instead we sat around the dining room table, made cards, ate hummus and cucumbers, and solved the world’s problems.

Today was a pleasant day spent with some of my favorite people.  We started at noon and the time flew by.  Do you often have days like this?  Just hanging out with friends.  Being constructive.  Or not doing anything at all.  Refreshing, entertaining, caring, grateful.  I wish this for everyone.




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