Carding the 60 Blog

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I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.

Leslie made more than two dozen beautiful Valentine’s Day cards this past weekend.  Today, I need to send out birthday and get-well cards, and I have to go through our box of greeting cards that we’ve collected over the years.  Not the flimsy ones we receive from various charities throughout the year, but ones I’ve bought from Papyrus or Hallmark or Trader Joe’s.

In this day and age of electronic cards and Facebook notifications, I like receiving “real” greeting cards in the mail.  I like sending cards too and I definitely include cards with birthday gifts.  In a perfect world, I’d like to work in a Hallmark store.  Stocking the cards for all occasions and, best of all, enjoying an employee discount would be a dream come true.

What do you think?  Are you satisfied receiving dozens (or more) of Facebook messages from near-and-far friends with sometimes impersonal notations about getting one year older?  What about a Hallmark e-card?  I had an e-card subscription for several years and they were quite cute.  I paid $12 a year and scheduled weeks of birthdays at a time. It was easy to send the cards once I remembered someone’s birthday but I don’t think the recipients felt the warm-and-fuzzy feelings I was trying to express.

Conveniently, Facebook sends you daily reminders of your friends’ birthdays and you can post a cutsie message or some birthday emojis, but it’s just not personalized enough.  The touch of a card with a handwritten note means so much more, in my opinion.

The story behind today’s blog?  Our house is almost like the cobbler’s son who has no shoes.  Leslie made endearing Valentine’s Day cards, but we don’t have a small supply of handmade birthday cards.  Time to keep the dining room table clear for another week.





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