Good-willing the 60 Blog

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Some days she has no idea how she’ll do it.  But every single day, it still gets done.

Leslie and I (along with the best-girl-on-earth, Marissa) got a late start this morning to start another day of garage-cleaning.  We finally, after many years of procrastination, went through almost a dozen bins of Christmas, Halloween and other holiday decorations and ornaments.

Two filled tubs were donated to Goodwill.  A filled tub went to the trash, and two tubs are filled with items we will check into selling if they’re worth any money.  (Jim Shore snowman, anyone?)  And now six new tubs are within easy reach and labeled for Christmas and everyday decorations and gifts.

Leslie and I were reminded of many road trips with our friend Jayne.  For many years, we would drive to Cambria and San Simeon (central California) on the day after Christmas.  It was the perfect time to purchase Christmas decorations at half-price.  We had the best time picking up gifts for the following Christmas at stores that are now out-of-business.  Those vacations were some of the best times ever.

Jayne, Leslie and I were the Fab Three and we were inseparable. I spent a good time today thinking about Jayne, who has been gone since 2010 after a tragic accident.  Seeing all those decorations we purchased two of, thinking about her Christmas tree decorated with only Mary Engelbreit ornaments, her shared love with Leslie of Krinkles ornaments (Google that!)–I was feeling sad and melancholy today.  And then I thought about her watching over us and suggesting which ornaments to save and which to donate.

One of our favorites ornaments found today is a Hallmark Keepsake ornament called “Magic” and it’s a mouse sitting atop a Starsonic 93 recorder which looks like a Walkman.  It’s battery operated and we had Marissa record “Merry Christmas from Marissa 1994!”  We listened to that voice several times over the weekend and every time, it brought a tear to our eyes.  Marissa was 7 at the time, and she turns 30 in a few months.

This weekend was to be about cleaning and purging, yet it was also filled with lots of memories.


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