Gifting the 60 Blog

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I wish there were more hours in the day and everyone was nice and bread didn’t make you fat.

Leslie and I invited a friend over for brunch today.  I hadn’t seen Mary since October, I think, so we had a lot to catch up on, including birthday and holiday celebrations.

Mary had been ill in November, so we caught up on her recovery and she looks terrific!  We caught up on work issues (only good, of course; or not…..).  Mary works in Los Angeles and lives in the San Fernando Valley so she drives her car to the train station, takes a train downtown, and then connects to another train.  Once off the train, she takes an escalator or three, and walks a few blocks to get to her office building.

My question for Mary is this?  Why?  Mary grew up in New York and was used to mass transit.  Once she moved to the Valley and took the job in LA, the only viable option was to take the train, since parking your car in downtown Los Angeles is prohibitively expensive.  For me (and Leslie agrees), I would be working in the Valley near my home and be fine with making a little less money.  I wouldn’t have to suffer with the train and leave my house two hours before my work day started.

But it’s all about what you get used to, isn’t it?  I drive 12 miles to work every morning and take the side streets instead of the freeway.  That takes almost an hour.  So it’s all relative, I guess.

After solving the world’s problems, as I am fond of doing with friends, we exchanged Christmas and birthday presents.  Leslie has new headphones, I have a new infuser water bottle, and Mary is swimming in coloring books and Bath & Body Works products.

And we resolved that we would not wait another five months to see each other.


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