Skipping the 60 Blog

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I don’t think there will be enough coffee or middle fingers to get through today.

I got home late last night and sat down to watch a little bit of TV.  On my way to couch, I told Leslie “I need to write my blog,” and she said “why not take a night off?”  I disagreed with her because, well, because.

Before I knew it, an hour had gone by and it was time for bed, and I didn’t write anything. And looking back this morning, it appears that no one noticed.  How could that be?  Didn’t anyone miss my pearls of wisdom?

I belong to a Facebook group where a lot of the members are writing blogs.  Some have a kind-of editorial calendar where they plan out what they’ll write for a week or a month ahead.  For instance, wellness on Wednesday.  Feel good Fridays.  Me?  I started that way.  I planned a month ahead and had ideas for 30 days.  Since then, I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants.

Some days, I just know.  (“I need something hot and steamy today”…which never came about, by the way.)   Other days, I sit at the dining room table after dinner and wonder what inspiration will come to me.  I had no ideas for yesterday, so I just skipped a day.

I feel a bit guilty.  I do.  But then again, who’s keeping tabs on what I write about?  Leslie is probably the only one who does…because she has to!

I met some friends for lunch today and this gave me a great idea for today’s topic.  Absent-mindedness.  Foolishness.  Not thinking.  Too busy.  Crazy.

We met at IHOP and I ordered the over 55+ short stack of pancakes.  I haven’t had pancakes in forever and it was quick and easy.  Halfway through the stack, I needed more syrup and, without missing a beat, I reached for the coffee pot and poured it on my plate. My first thought was “wow, that syrup is watery!”  And then I realized that I was now going to eat coffee-flavored pancakes.

Now, we all know how much I like coffee.  But mixed with pancakes…not so much!  But what was I thinking?  I think I won’t do that again.


2 thoughts on “Skipping the 60 Blog

  1. I love your blogs. They’re seinfeld-esque. About everything and about the nothingness that makes our days. Coffee on pancakes is a classic. Keep at it Caryn. I read all your blogs. Yours are the only ones I do.


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