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If a cat crosses your path, it doesn’t mean bad luck.  It means that the cat is going somewhere.

Have you played bingo before?  Not big bingo like we play in Vegas.  But your local bingo sponsored by a local church or school.  We try to play bingo once a month, and we recently realized that we hadn’t played since October.  So we packed up snacks, soda and daubers and we met some friends for lots of winning.

If we had won money (the four of us play as partners), I think I would have written something last night when we got home after 11:00.  But instead of winning and bragging about it (I’m entitled, right?), we came home and cleaned house for book club today.

But I digress.  I thought I’d write today about some of the unintentionally funny things that happen at this particular bingo we go to on Saturday nights.  This bingo “hall” (Canyon) is sponsored by a school group and their job is to make money for the school.  As a player, you pay your buy-in and then purchase additional games (called pull tabs) throughout the night.  Canyon usually offers a dozen pull tabs which you play in conjunction with paper games, but last night, the organizers went crazy!

We were offered almost two dozen pull tabs to play.  The majority of them cost a buck a piece and, of course, you’re not obligated to play any of these extra games.   But we can’t turn them down.  Five dollars here, ten dollars there, with our fingers crossed to win $500, $1,000 or $2,000.  Again, we didn’t win any of these pull tabs but I wanted to share something funny about these games.  Their names.

Whale of a Tale.  Fat Kitty.  Cash Cat.  Show Me The Money.  Lady Luck.  Studs & Duds.  Hawg Heaven.  Zippers.

The volunteers walk around selling these games until they’re sold out (and the house makes about 30% on each box), so for about a half hour, we heard “Studs & Duds, Zippers, Fat Kitty” repeated over and over and over.  Leslie wanted to stand up and tell the guy to shut up, and I felt like I needed a shower.



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