Passwording the 60 Blog

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What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

I had some court filings to do today.  (For those who don’t work in legal, this probably won’t make any sense!)  I found my list of attorney logins and passwords and logged into the Northern District of California court website.

As I started typing my attorney’s initials, my old law firm name appeared in the drop down, along with all the attorneys’ logins from the old firm.  Wait, what?  I was using Google Chrome today and I previously had used Firefox.

I can’t explain why this happened, and I can’t even think about how to Google it.  Has this happened to you?   To be sure, there are nefarious people out there who could use this information.  And if this happens on a court’s website, could it also happen on your bank’s website or doctor’s office?

I’m at a loss, to be honest.  But I will say…it felt good to do some “real” legal work after a bit of time off.



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