Blogging the 60 Blog

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My brain is like an internet browser.  Seventeen tabs are open, nine of them are not responding, thousands of pop-ups, and where the hell is that annoying music coming from?

I have my steady readers of this blog and I’m grateful.  This started last September when I thought I’d challenge myself.  Do something different.  Do it every day. Just ramble on and on.  You would either read it or scroll past these pearls of wisdom.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to review my blog settings.  I hadn’t changed much since I started last year and I found a few things to be updated.

First, many of you (okay, three of you) have mentioned that you would comment on the blog if you didn’t have to login and enter your email address each time you read something noteworthy.  Well, that’s a setting I could easily change!  You should now be able to comment any time your heart desires.  Or you can comment if you just want to let me know you’re out there.

Second, I changed the website name.  Tell all your friends that it’s now easy to remember  If you have saved in favorites, you will be forwarded to the .blog address.  And thanks for making me one of your favorites.

Finally, I’m trying to set up an Amazon banner on this blog page.  (I can’t seem to figure out where to add the code on the WordPress page.)  When you’re reading my gems and suddenly feel the need to shop on Amazon, you can click directly from here and I earn about two cents.  If everyone shopped once a week, at the end of the year, I will have made thirteen bucks.  Please consider clicking Amazon through my page and I would be much obliged.  Thanks for making me rich, my friends.




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