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Of course I live in the past.  Have you seen the present lately?

We returned from Las Vegas today.  We weren’t big winners (damn that elusive big bingo win!), but we did make a few bucks on the penny slot machines.  Yes, I know, you think you’re getting off cheap when you play penny slots, but the maximum bet might be as high as four bucks.  You have to bet the maximum to possibly win the jackpots.

We were lucky last night when it seemed that half the hotel had gone home.  There were less people competing to play my favorite machine and I won close to $100 last night.  Of course, I lost more than that throughout the weekend, but that’s okay.

The Fab-Four-and-a-Half had a great time bonding and enjoying each other’s company.  We prayed to the bingo gods, who didn’t timely respond, so we’ll plan on winning next year.  The hotel was promoting its next bingo gala in July, which will pay a total of a million bucks in prize money.  I decided I would buy a July ticket if I won this past weekend, but now it looks like I’ll be in Southern California and not Las Vegas in July.

One of the highlights of the weekend was just people watching.  You see some incredible things in Las Vegas that I’m not sure are seen anywhere else:

  • lots and lots of leg tattoos (are those really a thing?)
  • a woman in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms chain smoking from two packs of cigarettes and drinking a cocktail at 2:00 in the afternoon
  • bad toupees (is there ever a “good” toupee?)
  • hot sauce on salad
  • light-up fedoras
  • ill-fitting clothes

A fun weekend and we’re all a little disappointed that we couldn’t stay there all week.  If we did, we wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow.



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