Stalking the 60 Blog

I try to avoid things that make me fat—like scales, photos and mirrors.

Do you look at friends’ timelines and photos when you’re on Facebook?  And friends-of-friends?  I enjoy reading friends’ updates and generally stay away from political posts.  I agree with about half of my friends’ political views, and that seems to be pretty fair.  I just don’t need to engage in any discussions or disagreements.

A friend asked me the other day if I stalked other people’s photos on Facebook?  Perhaps you see a childhood friend and then click on his son.  This son maybe posted pictures of his parents.  When you look at those photos, you almost think the son looks just like his dad did when you were teenagers together.

This friend told me she does it all the time.  She’ll look at photos and posts of friends-of-friends, and so on.  I’ve never done it.  I’m afraid it would be another giant time suck for me.  I imagine I’d click on one friend, and then a mutual friend, and their friends, and so on.

Real Simple magazine stated that social media is more distracting than other aspects of the internet.  A United Kingdom study monitored 44 people while they viewed 20 different images.  Five images were associated with Facebook, five with the internet in general, and ten were considered neutral control images.  They found that people tended to underestimate the time they spent looking at Facebook-related images more than any others.  The study showed that frequent use of Facebook distorts our time perception, which could have implications on productivity and sleep, for instance.  To avoid going down this rabbit-hole, decide in advance how much time to spend on Facebook, and maybe set an alarm when it’s time to log out.

Do you think you spend too much time on Facebook?  What do you consider too much time?



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