Reading the 60 Blog


Jay London:  I was going to buy a book on hair loss, but the pages kept falling out.

Book club is this Sunday and I haven’t read the book.  I know, I’m terrible.  I could bluff my way through brunch and pretend I read it.  Nah, I’ll be honest.

I’m in the middle of a Marcia Clark book and I’m really enjoying it.  So I bring the book with me to the kitchen everyday at lunch time with the intent to read for 60 minutes. Instead, I get distracted by Twitter or Facebook, send emails, catch up on week-old magazines, and generally don’t get to reading while eating my lunch.

Our book club has been together for a few years and Leslie has a running list of the books we’ve read.  I think we’ve read fifty books, and I’d guess that I didn’t start three or four. And I know for sure I didn’t finish two of them.   Not a bad ratio, if I may say so.

Leslie has been downloading and listening to all of her books on Audible.  And “reading” maybe three or four books a month.  Do you listen to your books?  Or do you read them on your phone, computer or Kindle?  Or do you prefer to hold a book?  Lately, I’ve been buying used copies of the books we’re assigned.  I find them on Amazon, they’re always in good shape, and I try to buy it from a non-profit organization.  The last book, for instance, was 25 cents (plus $3.99 to ship) and it came from a Goodwill store in Florida.  I had the book in less than a week.  I’m afraid the audio book would put me to sleep as I’m driving to work.

I know, there is no excuse for me not to read this month’s assigned book.  The hostess enthusiastically told us she loved the audio version, but I chose the paperback.  One friend absolutely shared the hostess’ opinion and thought the audio was terrific, and someone else couldn’t get past the music and the narrator. There really is something for everyone.




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