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Oscar Wilde:  With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

We attended a literary function yesterday and we were privileged to listen to several panels of authors, some famous and some up-and-coming.

The Orange County Public Library Foundation presented “Literary Orange:  A Celebration of Authors, Readers and Libraries.”  Three keynote speakers were on the schedule:  Fannie Flagg (“Fried Green Tomatoes”), Marcia Clark (“Blood Defense”), and Christina Baker Kline (“Orphan Train”).  Kline and Clark were interviewed, and answered questions about their writing and motivation.  Flagg closed out the day with a reading from her latest book and talked about her decades-long career.  I was enthralled with each speaker and will continue to read more Clark and Hall.  I haven’t read Flagg in many years, and her latest book, The Whole Town’s Talking, is on my short to-read list.

Several panels were offered with different writers in a variety of genres.  California Crimes, Cultural Mosaics, Family Fiction Ties That Bind, Romance:  Hot Nights, Eat Your Words, Mystery:  Shock & Awe, YA:  The Perks of Being a Teenager, Home Truths, Memoir:  No Limits, BFFs:  Our Best Furry Friends, and Mystery:  Webs We Weave.

The day was amazing and we learned of several new authors we want to read.  I need to find more time in the day to read, however.  A friend and I were discussing when we have the time to read, and I admitted to reading during my lunch hour at work.  Only.  If I read getting ready for sleep at night, I’d be asleep in five minutes (which I know is the point of getting into bed!), so I don’t read enough.  Which is going to be a problem after I bought four books yesterday and have to read another for book club at the end of April.

I do have a good job now, and I enjoy getting that paycheck every-other Friday, but I really should find a job that will allow me to read for a living.  Any recommendations?


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