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Book the ticket, buy the bikini, never look back.

Here’s your monthly roundup of upcoming regular and “irregular” holidays to recognize this month.  Get ready to:

You can start off April (albeit three days late) by doing your part during Keep America Beautiful Month.  Perhaps you can participate in Read a Road Map Week and drive to your nearest national park.  On your road trip, you can celebrate National Poetry Month and National Pecan Month.  Do I have to spell out details for you?

Here are some other dates to remember:

April 4:  Walk Around Things Day; Tell a Lie Day; School Librarian Day
April 5:  National Dandelion Day
April 7:  Caramel Popcorn Day; National Walk to Work Day

April 9:  Name Yourself Day
April 12:  Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
April 13:  Scrabble Day (does Words with Friends count?)

April 16:  Easter; National Eggs Benedict Day (do you use your leftover pastel Easter eggs?)
April 17:  National Cheeseball Day; Patriot’s Day
April 20:  National High Five Day (I dare you to give everyone you see today a high-five!)
April 22:  National Jelly Bean Day (a good day to eat the jelly beans you bought at half-price on April 17)

April 24:  Pig in a Blanket Day (I don’t want to see pictures of literally pigs wrapped in blankets; I want a mini-hot dog wrapped in crescent dough!)
April 26:  Administrative Professionals Day (a/k/a Executive Admin’s Day, Secretary’s Day); National Pretzel Day
April 27:  National Prime Rib Day; Take Your Daughter to Work Day

April 30:  Hairstyle Appreciation Day; National Honesty Day (not the day to tell your coworker you don’t like her new hair style!)

And perhaps the most important date to remember?  April 16 is National Stress Awareness Day (April is National Stress Awareness Month.)  If you suffer from a stress disorder, you don’t need a day or a month to remind you to relax.  Take a deep breath.  Go on vacation.  Don’t come back.




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