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Becky:  You can’t outrun a rotten tomato.

Saturday, Leslie and I had a fun day visiting with old friends.  First, we met some women who are in a Facebook group we belong to; they are all direct sellers.  One gal sells Jamberry (nail polish and other nail products), Lula Roe (women’s clothing lane) and our friend, Karen, who is my mentor at Origami Owl (jewelry).  We met at a central location and chatted like we were old friends.  We talked business, kids, holidays, and agreed to meet up again.  New friends made!

Next, we went to visit friends we hadn’t seen in about a year.  Becky planned a Sisters’ Tea, and we were greeted by a big sign on the street leading to her house and a large chalkboard at the front door telling us what was on the menu.  Over the 30+ years we have known Becky and her sister, Chris, they’ve been creative and lots of fun.

The afternoon began with a lovely table set with beautiful china.  Two kinds of tea, quiche, strawberry and avocado salad, and homemade scones with two different jams.  Next, five kinds of finger sandwiches and spring fruit, including kiwiberries.  If you’ve never had them, look for them at Sprouts.  Tiny kiwis without the furry skin and muss and fuss.  Really tasty!

Before the delectable desserts were served, we were instructed to go to the backyard for arts and crafts.  Wait, what?  Me and an art project?   Becky provided all the ingredients to make cactus terrariums and, with gloves on our hands, we dug into the dirt and her large selection of succulents to make our own designs.  We were quicker (and messier) than Becky expected, and we all came away with beautiful and original plant designs.  Leslie’s is sitting on our bar area, and I’m taking mine to work tomorrow.

It was great to see the sisters as we spent the afternoon eating and eating.  We reminisced about family, friends, jobs, cars, pets, food, travel, and each other.  We promised to see each other in a shorter time than this time because I miss Becky and Chris!



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