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Jeremy Denk:  It’s long been my dream to have myself declared incompetent so I could just practice all day, and blog, and not have to take care of any normal life things.

The “showrunner” of one of my Facebook groups is branching out and offering her services as a blog creator and coordinator.  A blog-guru (“blogaroo”?), if you will.  Stephanie will hold a Zoom call (advanced video conferencing) with you and go through your set up, themes, writing style, etc.  You name it, she can help you with it.

When she posted this news over the weekend, literally dozens of acquaintances shared that they wanted to start a blog and were nervous about it.  What do I write?  What will it look like?  Who will read it?  Why do it?

Heaven knows, I’m no blogging expert.  When I started writing this 60 Blog in September last year, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  What could I write about that would be of interest to my sister and some friends, let alone some people who didn’t know me (yet)?

So I just started writing about what interested me or what happened to me that day.   It felt good just getting some words down “on paper” and nine times out of ten, I easily came up with a topic to write about.   If I wasn’t moved by anything that day, I didn’t write.  I know that my followers missed my brilliance on those days, and I hope I made up for the missing day with more brilliance the next day.  I didn’t write about my direct sales business, nor did I mention hot topics like politics.  I might have stopped writing long ago.

And now, 187 posts later, I’m still enjoying myself.  I have a small number of page views every day, and I’d like to see that number increase.  Here’s what I ask of you, friends:  when you see the blog on Facebook and you click LIKE, I get a notification that you liked the picture.  That doesn’t mean you liked the article, or even read the post.  If you could LIKE the photo on Facebook and then click through to the entire article to the website, my “page views” numbers would increase.  And if you like what I wrote, feel free to share that day’s post or my website on your page or pass it along to your friends.  Thanks.




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