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Most people don’t realize this, but you can eat organic, all natural, gluten-free food, without telling everyone around you.

Stomach issues?  Stress?  What is going on?  My doctor wants me to try a gluten-free diet for a few days to see how my stomach fares.

Surprise!  I don’t eat a balanced diet.  I don’t like many vegetables, and the ones I do like are carb-loaded.  Salad is good for me, of course, but not good for my stomach.  I’m too lazy to make a complicated dinner (like fish or chicken), so we usually do something easy.

What’s a girl to do?  Going gluten-free doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight.  Ditching refined carbs like bagels, pasta and crackers in favor of whole grains and maybe even fewer processed, packaged foods will cut excess carbs and increase fiber, nutrients, and soaring energy.  If you replace gluten-containing products with their gluten-free counterparts, you’re likely to ingest more sugar and fat, and, of course, calories.  Just because more gluten-free products exist than ever before, doesn’t mean you should eat them.

Time to learn which foods besides wheat contain gluten.  It’s found in rye and barley, and oats can contain gluten because they are harvested on the same equipment as gluten grains.  I need to remember BROW (barley, rye, oats and wheat), and not just when I need to have my eyebrows threaded.

Gluten often hides in the least expected places.  Veggie burgers, medications, salad dressing, licorice, artificial crab.  Of course, we’ll need to eliminate wheat based foods like bread and pasta, and then not fill up on gluten-free processed foods.  And stay away from eating, say, “gluten-free foods” at every meal, like cereal, bread and pasta.  We could be ingesting enough gluten to impair the progress of your gluten-free diet.

Many people come to a gluten-free diet because of a particular health issue.  Instead of simply replacing gluten containing processed foods with gluten-free processed foods, we’ll put the emphasis on whole foods that are naturally gluten-free like meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.  These foods help reduce inflammation (unlike high starch gluten-free foods which promote inflammation) and in conjunction with the elimination of gluten can have a huge impact on how you feel overall.

I just read an article about being aware of personal care products.  For instance, “Be particularly careful with eye and lip products, as they sometimes contain vitamin E that is derived from wheat germ.”  And be aware of cross-contamination.  “When first going gluten free, you’re going to need fresh condiments that are free of crumbs, a new toaster (if eating bread), new cutting boards and super clean cooking surfaces. Do not share food prep surfaces, cooking surfaces or utensils with gluten containing foods. When eating in restaurants, be sure to ask about their allergy protocol and don’t be shy about asking about ingredients in seasonings and dressings.”

C’mon people.  I have been feeling poorly for some time, and I expect that my body may be deficient in micronutrients.  I’ll need to load up on healthy, naturally gluten-free foods to help replenish what’s missing.  Just cutting out BROW products from my diet will make a huge difference, and I’ll worry about my lip gloss and toaster at another time.



2 thoughts on “Freeing the 60 Blog

  1. Me to you – I had to go gluten-free for autoimmune stuff. I will say you’re fine to just cut what you can to start. I will warn you, though, as time goes on and you remain gluten-free, your body will be less tolerant of ANY gluten. So you’ll probably start researching new soaps and whatnot because you’ll HAVE to.

    Bonus? I feel 10X better for having done it. ❤

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