Continuing the 60 Blog

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I’m totally going to spend Saturday cleaning.  And by cleaning, I mean day drinking and spraying everything with Febreeze.

I started writing this blog simply as a way to express myself.  I always liked writing, but never had a reason to write.  Then last year, before I turned 60, I saw other friends writing blogs (with far more educational content, to be sure) and I thought it was something I could do.  I heard of Word Press and easily set up a daily blog.

On Monday, I will publish my 200th blog.  My bicentenary.  And I haven’t learned much more about Word Press than the day I first set up an account.

Until today.  I scheduled a coaching call with a Word Press guru (“Blogaroo”) who will show me the ins and outs of changing themes, adding my signature, using plugins.  And I just signed up for Word Camp, a two-day boot camp of training sponsored by Word Press that’s presented throughout the country.  Friends have attended past workshops in Phoenix and San Diego, and we’ll see how much more information I can stuff in my brain in mid-June.

I’m in a learning mood.  I’m learning new things on the job.  I’m going to start learning about and using a new skin care regimen.  Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

I just read this about literally teaching an old dog new tricks:  It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! If you adopt an adult or even a senior dog, you may be amazed at their ability to concentrate and learn new things. Adult dogs are often even easier to train than pups, simply because they have the ability to focus for a longer period of time.

Wow!  Substitute “dog” for “person” and “pup” for “millennial.”  Can you focus for a long period of time?  Do you think you learn easily?  It was all easy for me in my 20s and early 30s, and then I started feeling old in my 40s and 50s.  Now that I’m on the first rung of the 60 ladder, I’m feeling eager to learn.  Willing to try new things.

Bring it on.





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