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Jarod Kintz:  It’s sad to see old friends have to move away, but at the same time, you know the retirement home is the best place for them.

Friday.  Fri-yay.  Saturday eve.  I find that the time between Monday and Friday seems to be getting shorter as I get older.  Do you agree?  What are your plans for the weekend?

I have two friends moving out of California in the next couple of months.  One is having a home built in Nevada and the other found a large home (aka “the compound”) in Washington state for her and her family to live in.  Retiring and moving out of California seems to be the thing to do, since it’s expensive to live here.  And these two friends found perfect locations for them.

On Saturday night, a small group of us will be spending time with these two friends who are “abandoning” us.  One gal will still participate in book club via Skype and the other will have guest rooms available for Leslie and me when we take a road trip later this year.

I recently read an article about mobile homes (aka manufactured homes) and parks in Florida.  The state, of course, which seems to be where all the retirees are going.  I’m not sure I want to ever live there because, if you watch the TV news on any night of the week, crazy stuff always happens in the state of Florida!

But it might be a very economical place to live out one’s golden years.  Plenty of people your age, mobility ramps at public office buildings, and lots of opportunities to play bingo.  Plus, dinner at 4:30 and a bedtime of 7:30 seems pretty doable to me right now. Did you know that 6% of retirees move to Arizona and 16% move to Florida?  Tax preparers and clergy work the longest of any profession, and less than one percent of workers in jobs such as paramedics or computer systems administrators are over 65. Can’t keep up on the job as you age?  It’s time to leave!

So where do we go?  Our friends’ new retirement locations both have snow, so that’s out. People in Florida are nuts.  Leslie and I will likely be spending the next ten years figuring out where we can go so we can take care of each other.





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