Celebrating the 60 Blog

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Ted Rubin:  Listen with the intention of gaining understanding, rather than simply to determine your reply.

It’s my bicentenary!  200 blog posts as of today.  You’ve heard it before.  I thought I’d write every day, then I skipped a few days, and now I’m trying to write every day again.

I’ve been reading other blogs and we all have something different to say.  A friend writes a blog entitled Even Better Today (evenbettertoday.wordpress.com), in which she talks about her journey to get healthy.  A new acquaintance, who surprisingly found my blog, A Pierman Sister (https://piermanparis.com), about Paris life.  I haven’t read enough of her blogs to figure out if she lives there or is on an extended visit.  But I can tell you, I’m jealous of her pictures!  Another friend writes a clever blog showcasing dumb proofreading errors and their consequences. Visit proofthatblog.com for some fun reading.

And one more friend writes as Quirky Blogger (quirkyblogger.com) about (what else?) blogs and her learning and teaching processes. Her mission is to get you to love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye and I think you should all start following her!  #getgood

To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering a contest to my readers. I know that most of you read this blog through a link on Facebook.  I am currently considering posting the blog on other platforms in the future.  Watch out internet!

If you click on the link to read the entire article, you’re taken to the Word Press website. Register there and leave a comment when something inspires you.  For the next month, I will put the names of all commenters in a drawing to win a fabulous prize to be determined on Monday, May 29.  For each comment you leave, you’ll get one drawing ticket.  So start reading and start telling me how you feel.  Be gentle, s’il vous plait.





6 thoughts on “Celebrating the 60 Blog

  1. Thanks for the shout out Caryn! We bloggers have to stick together! I admire you commitment to write everyday! I set a goal at the beginning of the year to write once a week. I missed the entire month of March, but I will get back on track! Keep it up! You hav a lot to say!

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  2. Hey! Just seeing this! Thanks for the shout out. I actually live in the U.S. but spend a lot of time in Paris. We are actually just now thinking of buying an apartment there. Thanks again for the nice words!

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