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Bruce Lee:  Be self-aware, rather than a repetitious robot.

Alexa, what’s the weather in Chicago?  Alexa, add vanilla extract to my shopping list. Alexa, what was the score for yesterday’s Yankees game?  Alexa, play Pandora.

Do you have an Amazon Echo (or its other versions, like the Dot or the Tap)?  We have one in the living room and we use it to play music and also to get news and weather.  We certainly don’t use it to its capacity, but it’s great.  It’s like having a robot in our house doing some things we’re too lazy to do, like Google a baseball score, or flip the switch on the radio.  (Who still has a radio?)  If you have smart appliances, you can ask Alexa to close your garage door or to turn the living room lights to red.

Amazon is now releasing a new version called the Echo Look.    It has a hands-free camera, LED lighting, and is set up like a tripod so you can easily take pictures and selfies.  Mainly, Amazon is touting the Look as a way to browse the outfits in your closet. Amazon doesn’t want you leaving the house looking unkempt.

Hands-free camera and style assistant

Right now, Amazon is allowing you to make a reservation to buy a Look for $199.99.  We were one of the first kids on the block to buy the Echo a couple years back, and now it seems that almost everyone has one.  I’m not sure how the Look will be received, since with the camera and its artificial intelligence, it’s almost as if you have Big Brother at your house critiquing your wardrobe.

If you’re interested in reading more or making a reservation, click here.  Amazon Look  You don’t have to buy a Look, but I’d highly recommending buying an Echo.



One thought on “Echoing the 60 Blog

  1. I’ve contemplated Alexa many times, and then we just don’t. The Look? I don’t know. Cameras all over the place…what if it turns itself on and takes pictures of you and then posts them??? LOL Also…we have radios in the house still. And an intercom system where we can play radios in every room and outside on the porch. I still like a radio!

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