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I’ve got 99 problems, and coconut oil solved about 89 of them.

I received an email from Thrive Market reminding me to restock some of the items I purchased about a week ago.  It’s not possible that I already need a refill of my lavender body lotion, but I think I need to reorder my lemon snackaroons this weekend.

Don’t forget to visit the website this weekend.  Click Thrive Market and you get 25% off your shopping order and free shipping.  This is a deal you can’t pass up!  Why spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Target or the grocery store when you can shop online and have your items in a few days?

Here are some of the new products they’re promoting this weekend:

This has already been added to my shopping cart!

This even looks like it smells great!

Looking at all these good products from Thrive and I’m reminded that I still need to do my gluten-free trial to determine if that will make me feel any better.  For a couple of days this week, I was fine.  Friday, because I was in my head, and congratulating myself on how well I did in the stomach-upset wars, I started feeling lousy again. Sometimes, you just have to quiet the mental debate and move along.





2 thoughts on “Thriving the 60 Blog

  1. Oh dear…anything with lemon just screams to me. I’d better not look at those! LOL And that lemon cleaner…I’ll be getting me some of that! I must be in a lemon frame of mind because it reminds me of the beginnings of a poem about lemons by Pablo Neruda:

    Out of lemon flowers
    on the moonlight, love’s
    lashed and insatiable
    sodden with fragrance,
    the lemon tree’s yellow
    the lemons
    move down
    from the tree’s planetarium

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