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Clifford Stoll:  Treat your password like your toothbrush.  Don’t let anybody use it and get a new one every six months.

Do you use the same password for everything?  If you use a different password for, say, your bank, your email, your computer login, or your FedEx account, how do you remember all of them?  Do you change them often?  Does your job require that your work password(s) be changed every-so-often?

I recently read:  Think of a computer password as being a front door to your wealth and secrets.  Aside from the fact that there’s not much wealth….it’s best to secure your money and your cloak-and-dagger things.

Think about how sophisticated hackers are these days.  I’m sure they’re constantly updating their programs to enable them to bust into our secret vaults at any time.  A defense to more elaborate hacking programs is to use a longer password.  A former hacker recommends maybe using a sentence or phrase that you create.  Something that’s extra-hard to hack but easy to remember.  Maybe something like My Aunt Sylvia has loved me since I was a child.  For even more security, add a number or symbol at the end, along with a capital letter or two.

Never store your passwords on your computer.  Instead, use password manager apps that store passwords in a well-protected digital space.  All you need is a master password to access the list. Some apps use cloud technology (like LastPass and Dashlane) and some put the vault on your hard drive (see RoboForm, Password Safe, or KeePass).  I’ve used Dashlane and it’s been very helpful.  Click here for a free account.  Dashlane

It’s recommended that you change your passwords on all your accounts once a year. And be sure to change your password if you’re notified by a website that its security has been breached.

And lastly, vary your passwords.  Cybersecurity experts say:  Why let one key unlock every one of your digital doors?




One thought on “Passwording the 60 Blog

  1. Definite food for thought. At one place I used to work, the home office sent a reminder every three months to change our passwords (those of us that wanted it). That way we were never caught unaware. I started using sentences, with numbers and symbols in them several years back. And I still use the “change every three months” rule. I have a knack for remembering my passwords but I also have them written on a secret paper hidden away and NOBODY knows where that is but me!

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