Scheduling the 60 Blog

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Bob Goeff:  The battle for our hearts is fought on the pages of our calendar.

I’m bored.  I have nothing to do.  Said no one ever.  Or at least no one I know.

I’m looking at my iPhone calendar and I see no events listed for six out of the next seven days.  Plus, if you count today and last weekend, that’s “nothing to do” in ten days, with the exception of Apple’s Mother’s Day reminder last Sunday.

How could that be?  Am I just not as busy?  Am I saying “no” to more things?  Do I have less friends than I used to have?  I know one of my friends is reading this now and saying, “If you’re bored, call me!  I’m retired and I need to get out of the house!”

Really, I’m not bored.  It’s that sometimes I just want to rush home to do nothing.  I make mindful plans to do laundry, stop at the grocery store, go to the dry cleaners, get my eyebrows threaded, and then my car goes on automatic pilot and heads straight for my driveway.

Do you carry a planner?  Or do you rely on your iPhone calendar?  I really want to make a thing out of using a planner.  I belong to a meet-up group of planners; they meet once a week.  The members share their planners, work on specific pages, buy new planners, make bookmarks and tassels, and practice their letter writing.  I haven’t been to a meeting in several months (after I paid a $5 annual fee!).  I look at the group’s pictures online and I’m jealous of their projects.

I want to make this my jam.  But I know me.  Maybe I’ll go to a few meetings, buy more products I don’t really need, and then forget my planner one day on the way to work. Then two days, then a week.  Then it’s collecting dust.  I’m envious of those who use their beautiful planners and keep track of every little thing.  It’s everyday scrapbooking.

Alas, no.  My iPhone calendar works just fine, and I’m easily able to see the dates where I have nothing to do.  Why would I want to bling out my expensive planner on the days I have something planned, and those empty days would just be lonesome, screaming for some glitter and stickers?





One thought on “Scheduling the 60 Blog

  1. There was a movie years ago…why can’t I remember it? Well, I suppose because I’ve seen a thousand movies since then. But she used a file o fax. Or however it’s spelled. Remember those? I bought one and was so excited to use it. And it sat there…I used my Hallmark Datebook more than I used anything else as it fit nicely in my pocket. Dale uses WEEK AT A GLANCE. I buy weekly planner (much cheaper than Dale’s…about $7.00 every year from Barnes & Noble and rely on that more than anything. It’s actually my social lunch calendar. LOL I don’t even keep track on my phone. My planner and that’s about it, and of course my incredible memory. 🙂

    But my philosophy of life is, as long as there’s books, YOU ARE NEVER BORED!

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