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Tony Curtis:  They gave me away as a prize once — a Win Tony Curtis For A Weekend competition.  The woman who won was disappointed.  She’d hoped for second prize:  a new stove.

Remember my contest?  From now until May 31, for every comment you leave on my blog, you’ll get an entry into a drawing for a great prize.  I have one reader currently in the lead, but she can still be taken down!  You’ll want this prize, worth well over $100!

As I’ve said before, I’m eager to increase my readership.  I know I’m writing brilliant little stories every day and I just want everyone to be inspired and become more active after reading my pearls.  C’mon.  Help a sister out.

What will increasing my readership earn me, however?  Will I become famous?  Will I be invited to appear on The Ellen Show?  Maybe she’ll invite me to the show after her summer break and she’s desperate for guests starting in September.  Perhaps I’ll write about some new products that Ellen will want to give away at her Twelve Days of Giveaways at Christmas and she’ll ask me to be in the audience.  Maybe I can get Ellen to follow me on Twitter. #ellenshow 

Do you play the lottery?  I buy scratchers once in a while, and I’m in a pool with some friends, playing Power Ball and Mega Millions.  We’ve been in this pool for at least five years and I’m holding on to our stack of winnings…to the tune of about $80. Yes, that’s right.  $80 in five years.  It cost each of us an outlay of about $130 a year, so we’re in the hole, of course.  But you have to play it to win it.  A gentleman came forward yesterday who won $61 million on a ticket he purchased at a 7-11 close to my house.  He’d been playing the same numbers for years and years, and they finally hit.  Patience, grasshopper.

Dreaming is free, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Prizing the 60 Blog

  1. Hey…what is life without dreams??? And for a few brief seconds in time, Dale thought it just MIGHT be him. He actually had bought his weekly trifecta of lottery tickets AT THAT 7-11! He likes to hold onto his tickets for a while before checking them, dreaming that he MAY be the winner.

    I too have been in a lottery at work. Even though I’m not working there anymore, I was in it for 12 years so still pay my monthly fees for the chances of winning the big one. And when a really big one comes around, the whole office (minus a few sticks in the mud) would buy. Wouldn’t that be fun for everyone in the whole office to leave those few, if they won big??? Just picking up and leaving (after winning millions of course) and saying “I’m so outta here!”

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  2. I do admire your ability and commitment to blog. I compose so much in my mind and have no impetots to write. It’s fun to read relatable musings. Caryn, you are my Seinfeld.

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