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Don’t let anyone with bad nails tell you how to live your life.

A coworker told me today that she plays an upbeat CD in her car driving to work.  It gets her pumped up and zoned in.  She’s in a good mood.  “And then I come here.”  Oh, can we relate to that? Of course, work doesn’t really put us in a bad mood.  However, I’m sure we’d rather be elsewhere.  Enjoying a vacation, riding the ferris wheel at the county fair, drinking an overpriced beer at a concert, reading a book at the library, working out at the gym.

Whoa, now, wait a minute.  Don’t get carried away.  Who would rather be at the gym than at the office?  I thought so.

I read something interesting this morning as I was getting ready for work.  Who’s not guilty of sitting on the edge of your bed reading Facebook or Twitter on your phone before you start your day?  Don’t judge me.

Anyway, I guess there’s a new thing called eyebrow wigs.  Yes, wigs for your eyebrows. Stick-on eyebrows.  Is that really a problem in the world?  Men or women don’t have enough hair on their eyebrows so they’re pasting hair on their face?  Women will do whatever they can to get rid of the excess hair, but c’mon!  Well, yes, it’s a thing.

I googled “eyebrow wigs” and was reminded that, of course, there are people who suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons.  I have no desire to make fun of anyone with a medical condition, and I apologize if this offends anyone.  Beauty bloggers are hailing stick-on eyebrow wigs as the next biggest beauty trend.  But, this new trend may well be a step too far for the internet.  People have been taking to Twitter believe that bloggers are appropriating the wigs, which have long been used by people suffering hair loss due to alopecia and chemotherapy.

Many people have pointed out that bloggers are trying to make something used by people with hair loss into a fashion trend. Eyebrow wigs, which cost around $95 for a set, are used by people experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy and alopecia, as well as people with sparse brows.

There seems to be another trend worth mocking people.  people are taping tiny succulents to their fingernails.  Yes, really!  Not just painting cacti on your nails, like this:  Image result for succulents on fingernails

But adding sculptures, like this:

Image result for succulents on fingernails

What’s next?  Hairy wigs for your nails?




3 thoughts on “Wigging the 60 Blog

  1. OMG OMG! Eyebrow wigs??? $95 a set? Years ago, like back in 1989, I wore wigs for a year and a half. I put something on my hair that took all the color out, so I could put another color on. In the red family, of course. Well, it bleached it out to white and it wouldn’t take another color! I had a huge project due the next day and knew I couldn’t take off work. So after suffering a very sleepless night, I drove to the market and bought some brown to put on it and it came out just great. I should’ve left it alone. But later on I decided to have a perm. OH NO! And at the Beauty College, no less. You guessed it…it was so damaged it wouldn’t even dry. I was devastated.

    I went to a beauty salon called ALIAS SMITH & JONES, because they “repaired” hair. Well, the only thing to do was cut it off. And I mean short. Two days later, Dale took me to a wig salon and bought me my first wig. They fit it and cut it to fit me and a weight slipped off my shoulders. I eventually had my friend shave my head as the hair was still pretty damaged, and over time, I bought 19 wigs. After the tenth one they gave me a 50% discount off every one. And even at full price they weren’t as much as eyebrow wigs! And one of them was long, almost to my feet! Dale said it was great. He never had to wait for me to fix my hair, and it was kinda like being with 19 different women!

    But…thicker eyebrows are in, and thin sparse eyebrows don’t make us feel pretty, and we NEED to feel pretty. So, I’m all in…let’s “get jiggy wid it!”

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  2. The lengths (or widths) to which healthy women go for beauty is puppeteered just like fashion. And like fashion, beauty products are focused on a demographic of which I’m
    Not a member. I’m tired of looking in a mirror and seeing flaws or someone’s idea of flaws. Stop the beauty bullying!!

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