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Michio Kaku:  The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.

Here are more factoids that you’ve been dying to know:


  • According to German researchers, the risk of having heart attack is higher on Monday than on any other day of the week.


  • During their lifetime, a person will on average accidentally swallow eight small spiders.
  • Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in their lifetime, completely replacing their outer skin every month.
  • We have the same amount of hairs on our body as a chimpanzee.  Most are useless and so fine that they are invisible.
  • Your belly button contains thousands of bacteria that form an ecosystem the size of an entire rain forest.
  • A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day is doing the equivalent of drinking half a cup of tar a year.
  • The total weight of the bacteria in the human body is 2 kg.
  • There are more than 100 different viruses which cause a cold.
  • Human skin is completely replaced about 1,000 times during a person’s lifetime.


  • Right-handed people chew most of their food on the right side of their mouth, whereas left-handed people do so on the left.
  • Eating too much meat can accelerate your body’s biological age
  • You can burn 20% more fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • The fragrance of apples and bananas can help a person to lose weight.
  • Borborygmus is the scientific name for when your stomach growls.


  • Your brain keeps developing until your late 40s.
  • By the age of 60 most people lose half of their taste buds.


  • If allowed to grow for their whole lifetime, the length of someone’s hair would be about 725 kilometres (almost 451 miles).
  • Having excessive body hair is linked to a higher intellect.
  • Your hair contains traces of gold.
  • The facial hair of a blonde-haired man grows faster than that of a man with dark hair.
  • The rate at which a person’s hair grow doubles during an airplane flight.

Child’s Play

  • Children grow faster in the spring.
  • A human baby has over 60 more bones than an adult.
  • The average four-year old child asks 450 questions a day.
  • At birth, a child’s body is made up of around 300 bones. But an adult has just 206 bones.

Nailing It

  • Fingernails grow about four times faster than your toenails.
  • A nanometre is about as much as your nails grows every second.



One thought on “Humanizing (Again) the 60 Blog

  1. Oh man!!! My brain is firing on each synapse! LOL Fascinating stuff. 451 miles of hair???? That is amazing! And riding an airplane will cause it to grow faster. I’m calling my travel agent now. Which reminds me of a funny (sort of) story. My maternal grandmother had Scarlet Fever when she was a baby, so it was always pretty thin. When she was older she used to supplement it with hairpieces which helped fill in some relatively thin spots. One day I was shopping with her in downtown Pasadena, which was always a big adventure. My grandma’s name was Rachel, and as we were buying something, the talk got around to names, and then hair. My grandma told the salesperson that she had been named for her Aunt Rachel, who had such long hair that it dragged, when it was let down, six inches behind her on the ground. The saleslady said, “Well, I’m sorry, but your hair looks like the six inches that was dragged on the ground.” I looked at grandma and she just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop! LOL

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