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Stuart H. Britt:  Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.

How do you get your news?  I watch a bit of the TODAY show in the morning, as I’m getting ready for work.  It’s how I keep track of my time.  If we’re at the local news at 7:25 a.m., and I’m still putting on my makeup, I better hurry up!  I need to leave just about the time Jeff Rossen comes on with his beware/scam stories.  At night, if I’m still awake for the last half of the 11:00 news, I’m going to have trouble getting up in the morning.  It’s all a vicious cycle of hurry up and get to sleep/hurry up and get up!

A couple of times during the day, I will check my Twitter feed.  I follow certain news outlets (like CNN, Washington Post) and writers, and I get news updates in advance of watching the 6:30 news when I get home.  (Also, if I get up in the middle of the night, there is always something new on Twitter when my friends aren’t yet awake and playing Words with Friends.)

What irritates me is the advertising placed on my Twitter feed.  I’m learning about algorithms and targeted marketing, but some of these ads come out of left field.  For instance, if my browsing history includes shopping for knives on Amazon, I might expect an ad for a new knife set, perhaps.

Today, I had the following:

  • You might like the Olympics, so download the Sociabble app
  • Because you’re a veteran, buy this key ring necklace
  • Let us tell you about a new nursing school
  • You’re in the market for a new grill; try Kenyon Grills
  • You might like technology, so click on VOIP Supply
  • You might like elections, so download Irantag and learn more about Iranian media

How could “they” assume I like the Olympics?  Because I follow NBC news and that’s the network the Olympics will be shown on?  Why would “they” think I’m a veteran?  I have a friend who volunteers at the VA hospital; does that count as targeted marketing?

I have easily blocked the advertisers I don’t want to see, and I haven’t seen any of them return to my news feed.  But it’s irritating.  Why can’t I see any targeted ads like:

  • Since you like playing the lottery, here are the winning numbers
  • You’re going on a cruise next year, so here’s a Carnival gift card for a free facial

Sad to say, I haven’t seen any targeted ads like that.





3 thoughts on “Informing the 60 Blog

  1. I’ll never forget one day. I had looked up a store at South Coast Plaza…i believe it’s called Intimates. High priced lingerie, but fantastic and lasts a lifetime. I walked in, the sales clerk took one look at my chest and said oh, you’re a (bra size). I was amazed…they don’t use tape measures there…they just KNOW! And, they have 99 sizes. Whatever size you are, they’ve got it. So…I made my appointment online that morning. My boss Joe came over to my desk later on in the afternoon, and he wanted me to look up something on the Patent Office site. So, I logged into the Internet and my ads were for beautiful bras! LOL BIT pictures! Joe probably secretly enjoyed it.

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