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I was going to work out, but Dirty Dancing was on TV and I have only seen it 384,783,292 times.

Did you watch the live remake of Dirty Dancing the other night? Leslie and I love that movie, and we can’t believe it’s thirty years old.

Who didn’t swoon over Patrick Swayze back in the day?  I remember thinking it was so cool that he was gorgeous, a good actor and dancer, and then he proved to be a decent singer too, with She’s Like the Wind on the movie soundtrack.  We played that CD (maybe we first had it in cassette!) over and over, and could sing along with every song.

The movie reminded us a bit of our summers growing up in New York.  During the summer, our family would stay in a bungalow similar to where Dirty Dancing takes place.  A bungalow colony with mothers and their children, and the dads would drive up from the City (any of the five boroughs of New York City) for the weekend.

In truth, the bungalow was really a little wooden shack.  Looking back, I can’t believe that the structure ever withstood a rain storm.  If I remember correctly, the shacks were tiny.  Leslie and I might have slept in bunk beds, and my parents probably slept in a full-size bed.  We spent many years there, and we had dishes and linens stored there for every summer.

When mom went back to work and I graduated college, we would go up there on weekends with dad.  Which meant that Leslie was there alone.  This was the 70s and my parents trusted a 16-year old girl and her 16-year old hormonal friends to stay in the bungalows by themselves.  I’m sure Leslie would say “if those walls could talk!”

Our summer lives were a bit like the goings-on in the movie. Parents sat around in lawn chairs and drank during the day. Men played cards and smoked cigars at night.  Kids were either day campers or counselors, and the summer usually ended with a big party.  I don’t recall if anyone ever practiced that big dance lift from the movie, though.

As I mentioned, the original Dirty Dancing holds a special place for us.  We recorded Thursday night’s remake and planned on watching it during this long holiday weekend.  However, on Thursday evening, we read several comments on Facebook from friends who were watching it on the east coast.  “Can I have those three hours back?”  “What a trainwreck!”  “How dare they taint the memory of Patrick Swayze?”  “I need to rewatch the original to get this version out of my head!”

So, Leslie and I will delete the remake and free up three hours on the DVR.  Good for us!  Now we just need to find time to watch ten episodes of Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and eight episodes of Late Late Show with James Corden.  And the new season of House of Cards starts Tuesday!





3 thoughts on “Dancing the 60 Blog

  1. No I didn’t. NO, No, No, No, No. I HATE the live remakes of the classics. When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee? You DO NOT remake classics. And you NEVER remake anything that starred Patrick Swayze. I remember when the movie came out thirty (?????? cannot believe it) years ago. I called two friends, Jacque and Ellie and said hey…how about some dirty dancing today????? We went and loved it. L O V E D it. And I think I have seen it ONE more time than you have. I turned it on for maybe 20 seconds and could not stand what I saw.

    Hollywood keeps trying. They were going to remake MURDER SHE WROTE, starring Octavia Spencer, as a nurse. I love Octavia…but JB Fletcher was not a nurse. She lived in Cabot Cove, she was an author, and it was charming. I’m thankful to say they listened to the bloggers. DO NOT REMAKE CLASSICS…EVER, EVER, EVER. There. I’ve said my piece and counted to three.

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  2. I wouldn’t change growing up in the 70s and spending every summer at the bungalow colony. To this day we still have”old” friends on Facebook that we were friends with more than 40 years ago. And we all say the same thing… We would never trade that time for all the money in the world.

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