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Susan Sontag:  I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

I recently read an article from the Virginian-Pilot (PilotOnline.com) about Chesapeake’s long time Clerk of the Circuit Court, Faye Mitchell.  Mitchell was 65 and set to retire on June 1 after having served as clerk for 13 years.

Mitchell died last week after an illness, one day before a retirement ceremony was to be held in her honor.  In her retirement letter, she wrote “I have enjoyed a long tenure as a dedicated public servant, a title that I cherish.”  Others considered her a trailblazer, mentor and visionary, and stated “she paved the way for women to lead without limitation.”

I’m sad after reading this article.  She didn’t get to enjoy her retirement years.  She worked hard at getting elected twice to the position, and being a public servant can often be a thankless job.

What will your colleagues and coworkers say about you at your retirement ceremony?  If you had asked me that question last June, I would have had a different answer than today.  But now, being in a new job, and having a new frame of mind about work and colleagues, it’s all good.  I’ll work a few years and then sail off into the sunset.  Check off a few bucket list items.  Perhaps I’ll start with a two-week cruise to Hawaii.  Then plan a few road trips.  Then maybe move somewhere.  Who knows?  That’s the beauty of retirement.  Having the time (and hopefully the money) to do what you want to do.

I’m sad that Beverly Mitchell didn’t get to check off items on her bucket list.



2 thoughts on “Missing the 60 Blog

  1. Bummer. You hear that so often. She was a trailblazer though, and did something she wanted to do. That, in a way, is on a bucket list. I am sort of in a semi-retirement mode at the moment, and I’m loving it. I’m still working, but doing what I want to do, on MY terms. That too, is a bucket list sort of thing. My friend Kim and I talk all the time about bucket list items we want to do. Almost every one involves travel and a good book. Ahhh…..

    When my dad retired from being a dentist, he was so worried. He retired when he was 66. I think he wanted to practice longer, but malpractice for dentists kept climbing, and it just got to be too much. My dad was VERY social. He loved working because he loved his patients and they loved him. Not one time do I ever remember hearing him complain about working. But he and mom settled into his retirement, they traveled everywhere. They would pack up and get in the car, with no plan in mind, and sometimes be gone for eight weeks. He died when he was 80, and thoroughly enjoyed those 15 years of retirement. May we all be so blessed.

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