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What’s the point of having a book club if you don’t get to eat brownies or drink wine?

We exercised again on Sunday at book club.  Er, I mean, we did another writing exercise.  We had a lively discussion about our book, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, which takes place on a luxury yacht and it’s about, you guessed it, the woman residing in Cabin 10.

We were short a few members this month (two attended via Face Time, which was interesting), and the six of us were given instructions to write one sentence about a boat.  Then randomly, another one of us finished the short story.  Here are our results:

No. 1:  Gigi freaked out when the water rose past her ankles.
No. 2:  She looked down and screamed.  An octopus arm was snaking up through a hole in the boat and it was covered in creepy suction cups.  Dinner!

No. 1:  The minute I saw the boat, I wanted it.  I would do a dance for it, and why did I say that?  I hate dancing.
No. 2:  The radio station was having a contest.  Dance for 24 hours, win a boat.  Wait, how do you share dancing on the radio?

No. 1:  While I was fishing with my uncle in a little wooden boat, I grabbed a bunch of white bread to put on the fish hook.  And guess what I got?
No. 2:  An old boot had attached to my line.  Not too much of a surprise except for what was in the boot.

No. 1:  Rudy Green set the small boat down on the side of the pond and watched it float away.
No. 2:  Now his lunch was gone!  Why did he get in the boat anyway?!?

No. 1:  The last thing I remember before the ship sank was the stillness of the night air.
No. 2:  As the lifeboats floated among the ice cubes, the darkness became oppressive.

No. 1:  Laura reluctantly waited for her Uber driver to take her to Long Beach terminal to board her three-day party cruise.
No. 2:  The Uber driver said “you don’t have to pay me if you take me with you.”  Since he looked like Captain Stuebing, Laura took him along!  Fun times!

Here’s what we know for sure.

  • If you put a piece of white bread on a fish hook, you’ll catch a boot.
  • Uber drivers are willing to just ditch their car and get on a cruise ship with a perfect stranger.
  • Rudy didn’t eat lunch, and the octopus did.
  • An interrobang is a seldom-used but valid punctuation mark.

Another fun book club discussing a good book, followed by a discussion of English food, vacation destinations, and babies. Can’t wait till next month!


One thought on “Booking the 60 Blog

  1. Is it just me, or our book clubs getting more fun? Well, they’ve ALWAYS been fun. I like this new idea that Mary Anne came up with, writing these two line short stories. And we also commented a bit on fun names for YOUR book Caryn…Quips from the JUGS being one. The others have slipped my mind! LOL Maybe we should make sure we eat brownies and sip wine all the time. In my case, it’ll have to be Dr Pepper.

    Wonderful friends, books and food. What else could one ask for?

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