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Hal Sparks:  Most “reality” shows aren’t reality at all. They’re game shows with no prize. Like “Rock of Love.”  His aren’t genuine feelings.  Then again, Bob Barker didn’t really care whether or not you won the toaster.  Sorry to shatter everyone’s dreams.

About six weeks ago, I announced a contest for my loyal and faithful (and numerous?) readers.  The person to comment on as many posts during that six-week period ending today would win a prize.  I promised it would be something fabulous.

As some of you may know, I am involved in two direct sales companies.  One is Origami Owl.  The company is known for its personalized jewelry–lockets and charms where you can tell your own story.  It’s a company started by a then-14-year-old girl who wanted to save some money to buy a car.

The company is now five years old and it has come a long way from its humble beginnings of Bella, the young teenager, and her mother, Chrissy, setting up a booth at a local mall in Phoenix selling charms and lockets.  The jewelry line has expanded to watches, earrings, bracelets, leather bracelets, and a partnership with Swarovski crystals.  If you’re interested in the jewelry and want to see an online catalog, like my Facebook page at Caryn’s Origami Owl page or order directly at

Several months ago Origami Owl purchased Willing Beauty, a start-up skin care line created by another mother and daughter team, Christy and Willa.  The lotions and creams are free of harsh chemicals, toxins, parabens and synthetic fragrance, and you will see a difference in your skin in five days.  Trust me–it’s true!  My skin was dry and had some dark spots, and it’s now bright and shiny, with hardly any dark spots.  After some discussion, I decided to start selling this skin care line.  If you’re interested in trying the products and want to read more about the line, like my Facebook page at Caryn’s Willing Beauty page or order directly at

And now, back to my contest.  My friend Sandy has acknowledged and commented on almost all of my blogs for the past six weeks.  She’s not only commented (something like “I agree” or “good job”) but written little stories herself.  My posts remind Sandy of things that happened in her life (her grandmother once bought a custom-made bra, her father was a dentist, Sandy and her husband are still like love-struck teenagers).  Every morning, I can count on seeing a little red notification on my WordPress phone app because I know that Sandy has read my story and replied to it.

Sandy and I used to work together 25 years ago, so we each have plenty of stories to tell.  She’s retired now and doing some independent contract work.  Plus, she sees about five movies a week and can remember everything about every one of them. What is wrong with her?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with her.  She needs to start using the Willing Beauty skin care line!  Sandy wins a full five-piece HY+5 regimen from Willing Beauty (valued at $138) shown below.

In between at-home typing jobs and movies, Sandy’s skin will be glowing and shiny.  She will be the talk of the town.  I only ask Sandy for two things:

  1. Sandy will use the products everyday and tell her social network about it.  And then share my website link,  And so on and so on.
  2. Sandy will continue to comment and reply to my blog posts. Maybe I’ll do another contest around Labor Day, so it’s not too late for you to start commenting.







2 thoughts on “Awarding the 60 Blog

  1. OMG OMG! You wouldn’t believe my crazy busy movie/transcribing life lately, which is why I’m so behind on my social life! I have several necklaces from Caryn’s Origami Owl line and love them!!!! In fact, yesterday I was doing a movie (of course!), and met up with my friend Robin who also does the same things I do, but for another company. Anyway, we’re talkign and I notice she’s wearing an Origami Owl necklace around her neck, so I told her about you Caryn. Who knows? You may be getting a new customer!

    Caryn, thank you thank you thank you! I cannot wait to try this! I want beautiful, shiny skin like you have! And I will be the first to tell you, that Caryn’s skin does indeed glow and is beautiful! This is so much fun commenting on your blog. I WILL NOT STOP! It’s always fun reading what you write, and finding that it reminds me of so many things.

    And WHAT???? Bob Barker didn’t care??? I am shocked and taken aback! LOL One of my cousins and his wife were part of the audience for THE PRICE IS RIGHT, many moons ago. No wait! It was LET’S MAKE A DEAL! (I was in the audience for Price is Right and it was fun, but wasn’t called (sad face emoji here). Larry and his wife lived out in the high desert somewhere. And guess what? They won a snowmobile!!!! Fabulous for anyone living in the hot desert. LOL

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