Tattooing the 60 Blog

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Elizabeth Gilbert:  Having a baby is like having a tattoo on your face.  You really need to be certain it’s what you want before you commit.

Leslie finally did it!  She got herself a tattoo!  She had planned on getting one for her 50th birthday, and then chickened out.  So now she’s months away from turning 58 and she finally found the time and place.

The greatest-girl-on-earth, Marissa, has several tattoos and promised she would take Leslie for her first tattoo.  They found a place close to home called Beauty and the Ink and they went today.  Our dear friend Jayne’s daughter, Carly, also went along and got a fleur de lis tattoo in memory of her mother.

What do you think of tattoos?  How many do you have?  Do you think showing your tattoos is now acceptable in the workplace?  In a law firm, for instance, is it now politically correct to show all of your tattoos?  I worked with a gal many years ago who had a large tattoo on the side of her left leg.  This was right about the time we were being allowed to wear pants to the office, and she was relieved.  Before that, she would wear boots with her dresses to hide the tattoo.  Leslie worked with a young man who had sleeves of tattoos on both arms.  Out of respect, he wore long-sleeved shirts (yes, even in summer, here in California), and no one even knew he was sporting that much ink.  Now, he’s probably allowed to wear short-sleeved shirts.

How would you feel if you were a client and walked into a law firm where some of the employees had visible tattoos?  The tattoos don’t reflect a different level of service, to be sure, but sometimes having tattoos is a necessary part of your job.  Would you feel comfortable going to a tattoo parlor and seeing your artist with no tattoos?  That would be kind of weird, wouldn’t it?

I don’t plan on getting a tattoo any time soon.  It’s just not me.  Leslie’s tattoo is a small and tasteful drawing of a cat’s mouth with whiskers.  Carly’s fleur de lis looks lovely.  But for me?  Not so much.



One thought on “Tattooing the 60 Blog

  1. Oh my…I could write a book on tattoos! I saw Leslie’s on her Facebook and it’s adorable. My daughter has a small heart on her hand, my daughter-in-law has several. One of hers I especially love, a treble cleff and a bass cleff forming a heart. Pretty. Years ago Marcia and I went to get one. We sat there for two hours, watching, and just chickened out. Me more than her. And then there’s Derek. He has many. It started when he was in the Marines and got the Marine mascot bulldog. Then some barbed wire. Then Adrenaline written in red up his arm. While stationed in North Carolina, Camp LeJeune, there was a photo/video booth where the servicemen could send videos home for free. One Sunday I woke up to one from Derek, showing me his latest tattoos. Eagles wings across his shoulders, a Celtic cross on his chest, and the name MOORE, in large letters, across his lower back. Now why on earth would he need that??? Well mom, I might be unconscious someday and maybe have amnesia, and not know who I am! LOL Tattoos are dangerously addictive, especially if they’re on your back and you can’t see them. Derek priced going to have them all removed, and it would be right around $12,000. He didn’t spend that much getting them on!

    Then I keep thinking, someday, as we get older, our skin will sag a bit (not us, of course!), and the sharp lines of the tattoo you have now, will not be quite as clear then. The words MOORE could end up below Derek’s butt! Oh that just makes me laugh! LOL

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