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There are only two countries in the world that do not sell Coca Cola:  North Korea and Cuba.

Along the lines of my recent post about wearing white after Labor Day, we come to find out that throwing beach balls in Los Angeles County could get you in trouble.

According to a county ordinance updated in 2012, beachgoers in Los Angeles County can legally throw balls and Frisbees if they have the permission of a lifeguard, between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  But if the lifeguard has said no, first-time offenders will face a $100 fine.

Also, if you decide to revert to your childhood and start digging a hole in the sand (remember when we tried to dig a hole all the way to China?), you’re also in trouble.  Digging a hole deeper than 18 inches into the sand is prohibited, except if permission to do so has been given for film and TV production services.

These regulations sound crazy, so I looked for more wacky laws.  Here are a few more, and I’ll share more next week.

In Washington state, RCW 70.54.050 makes it a misdemeanor to expose others to a contagious disease, even the common cold.  So if you’ve got the sniffles – obey the law and stay home!

In West Virginia, it is legal to take home road kill for dinner.  Proponents of this law claim that it has successfully lowered the cost of road maintenance in the state.  Squirrel parmagiana anyone?

Serving butter substitutes in prisons, restaurants, and schools is against the law in Wisconsin.  Butter advocates insist that a repeal of the decades-old law would undermine the state’s dairy farming industry.

I learned of another California regulation while taking driving school classes after receiving a ticket many years ago.  There are only two things you can legally toss out of a car window.  Chicken feathers and water.  So after you’ve done all your chicken plucking and drank your water (not moonshine!), you can throw the remnants out onto the freeway and hope no one notices.





One thought on “Tossing the 60 Blog

  1. OMG I’m just cracking up!!!! We have get togethers every month or so and play a lot of a game called BALDERDASH. There are five or six categories per card you can pick, and one is whacky laws. Balderdash is trying to convince people to vote for what you write. Of course there is only one right answer per card (hundreds of them) but some of the ones people have made up are hilarious!

    We even had several whacky laws for Riverside, where we lived for over 20 years. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN RIVERSIDE TO WALK YOUR ELEPHANT DOWN MAIN STREET. So, I take it we can walk our elephant any other street and we’ll all be fine. I suppose the whole family could be put into jail, along with our elephant. Who will get the elephant in their cell? Our elephant was VERY disappointed in this law.

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