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Mike Myers:  Europe is scooters.  Europe is five young people on one bench sharing a chocolate bar.  Their idea of entertainment and fun is so different than ours, which is exactly why a movie about them would be funny.

Have you made your summer vacation plans yet?  Are the kids out of school and you’re looking for some place family-friendly?  Will you travel far away from home?  Or take a nice staycation?

A group of my friends recently spent over two weeks traveling throughout Europe and they posted many photos and comments throughout the trip.  One of the travelers, Kathy, writes both the 60 is the New … 60 blog and the Proof that Blog weekly.  She wrote a blog post on Wednesday entitled Travel Lessons Learned.  You can read it here:  Kathy’s blog.  Kathy is an amazing writer and here are a few of her priceless gems:

  • Pack an outlet strip and extra wall chargers, plugs and cords
  • You don’t need to bring souvenirs back for everyone (unless your budget allows for that).  Be thoughtful and frugal; keychains, postcards, and magnets easily pack for your return trip
  • Create a packing list where you list all items for a day’s outfit in a chart; hang it in your hotel closet when you arrive at your destination so you don’t forget a crucial piece of your outfit

Another friend, her husband, mom and stepdad are currently cruising throughout Europe and are also posting pictures and drool-worthy stories about their adventures.  Thankfully, they haven’t been bothered by any of the troubles in London or Paris this week, and I’m sure they’ll make it home safely.

When I graduated college 40 years ago this month (wait, what?), me and two friends flew to Europe for a month-long vacation.  France, Italy, England, Amsterdam.  Imagine:  this trip took place before some genius thought to put wheels on luggage, and we schlepped our suitcases everywhere.  We had a great time, of course, and, at the time, I remember thinking how I was certain I’d go back some day.

Alas, 40 years have gone by and I haven’t yet been back to Europe.  So I’m adding said trip to my bucket list.  Someday, some how.



One thought on “Tripping the 60 Blog

  1. Your closing lines remind me of the song There’s a Place for Us from West Side Story. Dale and I have taken some really fabulous vacations. For our 30th anniversary, two weeks in the UK. A year later, we traveled with two friends, Margaret and Sylvia, and went to Switzerland. And the year after than, Dale and I took the Sound of Music tour. All of Austria, ending up in Munich. One thing I bought in EVERY country was cookbooks. As my best friend Kim and I collect cookbooks, I bought two of every one. as the trips we went on were through Trafalgar Tours, we were only allowed 50 lbs. each. We always brought a smaller, empty suitcase with us for souvenirs. When we were in Ireland, my mom wanted a lot of Waterford crystal. That we sent home. And in Switzerland we bought several cuckoo clocks for family members, also had them shipped home.

    The best tip I ever found was from a travel newsletter I used to read. I can’t even remember the name of it now. Before every trip we’d go to Target and buy the packaged socks, underwear, etc. Enough for every day we were there. We threw them all away every day. I brought one pair of hiking shoes, one pair of dress shoes. Shoes are so heavy! Then we both went to the Goodwill and bought a lot of tops for around $3 to $5, mostly all in black. We also left those behind. We brought nothing that needed ironing. I brought one skirt for night, and a fancy top for when we did special things. When we went to the UK my suitcase weighed 47 pounds. When we arrived back home, it weighed 39 pounds. Plenty of room for souvenirs


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