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You are serving a customer, not a life sentence.  Learn how to enjoy your work.

On Thursday, I called SiriusXM Radio to update my credit card information in order to renew my annual membership.  After getting the information she needed, the operator then asked “Caryn, can you do me a favor?”  I thought, “well, she’ll ask me to do a one-minute survey about her skills, so why not?”  No!  Instead, when I said “yes,” she replied “Always smile and stay beautiful!”

She took me by surprise!  I was feeling a bit blah, and just wanted to leave work for the day.  You know how it is.  Instead, I smiled broadly through the phone wires and I hope she got my vibe.  When was the last time you were treated like royalty by a company’s customer service department?

Leslie is fond of saying “I hate people” and telephonic customer service would not be her gig.  She’d be rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone every time the customer (who is always right!) would say something inane or just-plain-wrong.  You know the customer would feel Leslie’s attitude.  Of course, having an attitude is not a bad thing, but that attitude doesn’t lend itself to, say, being a customer service representative.

In my professional career as a legal secretary, I’ve attended and taught many seminars about law firm culture.  One of the first things we learn is to smile when you answer the phone.  If you answer in a droll voice and say in a whisper, “Law Offices, may I help you?” and give the impression that you’d rather be anywhere than on that phone call, your client will know it.  They’ll just feel it.  And likely report back to the managing partner that the person answering the phone was rude.  And your new career as a law firm employee is now in jeopardy after your first phone call.



One thought on “Smiling the 60 Blog

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of transcription at home. One ongoing long job has been transcribing people answering the phone at a call center. It’s amazing the difference! You’re right. You can hear the smile in someone’s voice as they answer! If the person answering the call sounds happy and smiley, yes, it makes a huge difference in how they will also help you. I believe the same holds true with any service oriented. I know I leave larger tips if the server comes over and says “Hi. I’m so and so and I’ll be helping you today” and flashes a smile rather than somebody who has the personality of a Meh emogi! LOL


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