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Lynn Marie Sager:  People are always complaining that life’s not fair, but that simply isn’t true.  Life is extraordinarily fair.  It’s just not centered on you.

Are you aware of how often you complain during the day?  Do you complain out loud to others?  The weather, the traffic, the line at Starbucks.  All fair game for complaints and comments about how things should go your way more often.

I recently learned of an app called Complaint Free .  The goal is to go 21 consecutive days without complaining, gossiping or criticizing.  You start on Day 1.  Every time you catch yourself complaining, enter the type of complaint and who you complained to, and the app will reset to Day 1.  The app tells you that it takes most people about six months to complete 21 days without complaining.  “When you reach day 21, you will be a happier, more positive and habitually complaint-free person.”

Complaining is an ingrained habit and I want to change that habit.  I started the countdown on Sunday.  Through Monday, I didn’t complain out loud to anyone.  I did complain about some knee pain, but only using my inside-my-head voice, so I’m not going to add that to the app and have it reset to Day 1.  No way!

What do you think?  Is complaining always a bad thing?  On my drive home from work on Tuesday night, I blurted out “a$$hole” to the driver in front of me on the freeway because he did something stupid.  Why else would I curse him out?  Tee hee.  Anyway, if I’m grousing because someone is an idiot, and I’m saying this only to myself, for the sake of the Complaint Free app, did I do anything wrong?

A few days ago, Leslie told me she saw an enormous bug (“Monster”) in the house, and she does not like bugs!  Clooney, Leslie’s cat who should be eating all the bugs, just looked at it and let it escape.  And last night, the damn bug reappeared.  It was the first time I’d seen it and I swear it was two inches long!  I swiped at it several times on the counter tops to no avail, and it then ran under a cabinet.  Not one to get on my hands and knees, I left Monster there, and it showed up an hour later scooting to get cover under the couch.  Clooney excitedly watched and, as of this morning, we still don’t know where Monster is.

Monster, this unwelcome force of nature in my house, is causing me stress.  Do I dare vocalize that he’s creepy and I want him dead?  If I say it out loud, am I complaining?  Do I need to reset to day 1?




One thought on “Complaining the 60 Blog

  1. I see I should have read this entry first. I downloaded Complaint Free Lite. Did you use that version or the one you pay $.99 for? This is awesome! I am starting today. Before I start though, can I complain about the hot weather we are having, and the fact that our A/C broke last night? OK…from this point forward begins my attempt to go 21 days.


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