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Max Theriot:  I don’t like going to dinner by myself; I’ll call for delivery before I do that.  It’s awkward if you’re at a table all alone.  I’m sure nobody even notices, but there’s something about it.

Do you have your groceries delivered?  What about meals, like pizza or sandwiches?  I recently read that Uber is now making food deliveries from McDonald’s, which means you can call someone and have a Big Mac delivered.  First, why not just drive-through McDonald’s?  It’ll be quicker, and there’s one close to everyone.  Second, how hungry are you really to sit and wait for the Big Mac to be delivered?

As a kid, my mother usually took one night off a week and didn’t prepare dinner.  Dad would pick something up on the way home from work or, more likely, we’d call and have something delivered.  Remember “Don’t cook tonight, call Chicken Delight!”?   I remember that we could get chicken (no duh!) and pizza delivered from there and it was quite the treat.  We might have also had Chinese food delivered.

When you watch TV shows taking place in New York, at least once during the season, someone in a beautiful NY apartment (how could they afford it?) always orders dim sum from the local Chinese restaurant to be delivered.  Neatly packaged, the characters always use chop sticks because, of course, celebrities.  I never could learn the fine art of using chop sticks.

My friend Mark owns Specific Pacific Foods, a local business in Los Angeles that delivers gourmet food to your door.  One specialty is the wagyu steaks, which come in a box of about ten, with instructions on how to cook this beefy delicacy.  Mark’s company sells desserts, burgers, appetizers, seafood, gluten-free and organic items, veal, and kabobs, to name just a few things on the menu.

If you’re in Los Angeles, Mark will deliver a box (or lots of boxes) to your house.  All you have to do is invite your friends over for dinner, turn on the oven, and serve them great food.  You don’t even have to tell them the food came in a box.

That picture at the top?  It’s a torta tiramisu with kahlua.  It has creamy mascarpone filling, dewy with zabaglione, and saucy with Marsala and pillows of sponge cake with rich coffee liqueur, and it’s to die for!  You just thaw and serve 13 other people and they’ll thank you for it!

Mark’s food is so much better than what we ordered from Chicken Delight, and I couldn’t be more delighted!  If you’re interested in trying some of his foods, let me know.  You’ll be glad you did!




2 thoughts on “Delivering the 60 Blog

  1. Does Mark deliver to Orange County? Ahhh, delivery. So much now is delivered, that it’s almost a joy to go out and buy your own stuff. Several times we’ve used Door Dash, which will pick up from any restaurant and deliver it right to your door. To me though, it just seems a bit lazy to sit home and have so many things delivered to you. When the kids were home, I LOVED cooking. My one night off a week was Thursday nights. That was picnic on the floor night. Dale worked late those nights, so we always saved him some. But we went to Lamola’s Deli which was in Riverside. Since closed and that was the saddest day ever. To this day, I’ve never found sandwiches as good as his. We’d get all this deli food, go home and have our picnic on the floor, while watching TV! That was an added treat as the TV was NEVER on while having dinner.

    And once, for about a three month period of time, our El Pollo Loco delivered! Now that is one we used quite a bit as they did not charge a delivery fee. Healthy food for the same price as driving through. Then they stopped, and told us there were only four or five customers who ever used the delivery, us being one. Sad. Too much delivery though I think makes us lazy. I am an Amazon Prime member and use that a lot, but I miss, in a way, going out and looking for stuff.

    Signs of the times.

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