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Complaining is like bad breath.  You notice it when it comes out of someone else’s mouth, but not when it comes out of your own.

It’s been ten days since I uploaded the Complaint Free app and I haven’t complained (out loud) in all that time.  Until last night.

On my way home last night, I stopped at the Chevron station for gas because I literally had about twenty miles to go until the dreaded gas tank symbol appeared on my dashboard, taunting me.  It was crowded because everyone thinks 6:30 at night is the perfect time to fill up.  I waited and finally found the perfect pump.  I knew I’d be there for a few minutes, filling up my 19-gallon tank, so I settled in for a nice lean on the side of the car while the gas was pumping.

And pumping.  And pumping.  The guy in front of me woke me from my light slumber and loudly told me that the gas was overflowing from the tank.  The auto shut-off didn’t work and gas was everywhere.  Thankfully, it didn’t get on my shoes or clothes…yet.  A young man on the other side of the island helped me get the pump out of the car and back into its rightful spot on the tank.

I was so mad!  This never happened before, and I was waiting for someone from the convenience store to come out and help.  Nope, I had to go in there and ask the woman behind the counter for assistance.  “I’m the only one here.  I’ll be there soon.”  Wait, what?  I smell like gas, your station is packed, and you don’t have another person working here who can sell lottery tickets and Slurpees?  It seems that the guys who work at the car wash attached to the gas station don’t actually work for Chevron, so no one could help me from that end of the station.

Well, in the end, because I knew the lady wasn’t ever going to come out and help me, I had to go around the car, step into the gas puddle anyway, and get into my car to drive away.  The bottom of my shoes slipped on the floor mat and, even the next morning, my car smells like gasoline.

I sent a detailed message about what happened through Chevron’s website.  I understand that a malfunction can happen.  But a gas station should have more than one employee working at the time most people get off work (6:30 p.m.), and that employee should be empowered to assist customers.  I would have appreciated a discounted car wash or a small refund on the gas I paid for that is now all over the cement.

I publicly complained and now I’m back to day 1 on the complaint app.  Perhaps Chevron will reimburse me, but all I can really hope for is that no one lights a match near my car.



One thought on “Gassing the 60 Blog

  1. Oh have mercy!!!!! Well, I hope you told Chevron in your letter that they ALSO made you go back to Day 1 of your complaint free life! LOL I made it through Day 2. Even with our A/C out, I told Dale I was making a concerted effort to not complain. Sometimes it’s soooo hard! LOL And all this talk of gas reminds me of gas rationing. Remember when we had to go by our license plate and wait in LOOOOOOOONG lines for gas??? I worked for Jackson DeMarco at the time, at night. I’d get off about 2:00 a.m. and drive home. At that time we lived right next to a Texaco station in Tustin. On morning when I could fill up, I’d park my car in line. There were usually about five or six other cars parked by pumps. They had a sign up saying if you weren’t there by 7:00 a.m., your car would be towed. So I’d park it, lock it and walk home. Never was towed, but I’d come out the next morning and the line would already be down to the end of the block and around the corner. At that time gas was about, 55 cents a gallon! Have mercy.

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