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John Lennon:  All you need is love, love is all you need.

Sunday, June 25 marked 50 years that All You Need Is Love was released as a non-album single in July 1967. It was written by John Lennon and credited to Lennon-McCartney. The Beatles performed the song over a pre-recorded backing track as Britain’s contribution to Our World, the first live global television link.  Watched by over 400 million in 25 countries, the program was broadcast via satellite on June 25, and CBS Sunday Morning ran a colorized version of it this past weekend.  The song captured the sentiments of the Summer of Love era and topped singles charts in Britain, the United States and many other countries.

“All You Need Is Love” was later included on the U.S. version of the Magical Mystery Tour album.  It also appeared in a sequence in the Beatles’ 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine and the accompanying soundtrack.

For the Our World program, the Beatles were asked to provide a song with a message that could be easily understood by everyone.  The band undertook the assignment at a time when they were committed to two film projects and a television special.  In a statement to Melody Maker magazine, the band’s manager, Brian Epstein, said:  “It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message. The nice thing about it is that it cannot be misinterpreted. It is a clear message saying that love is everything.” 

In the book The Beatles Anthology, Paul McCartney and George Harrison said they were unsure whether All You Need Is Love was written for Our World, while Ringo Starr and George Martin, the Beatles’ producer, assert that it was.  McCartney said: “It was certainly tailored to [the broadcast] once we had it.  But I’ve got a feeling it was just one of John’s songs that was coming anyway.”

To me, Beatles’ songs are classics.  Standards.  In another fifty years, those songs will be still be played on the Muzak system in elevators and grocery stores (provided we still have grocery stores in 2067) and I’m sure, if we’re still around, we’ll still hum along and remember all the lyrics.

What will today’s millennials and xennials (extra points if you know who “they” are) listen to in fifty years in their elevators?  Chandelier?  Bitch Better Have My Money?

That’s a discussion for another day.  Xennials, according to an associate professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne, states there is a new micro generation born between 1977 and 1983.  They are a “mix between pessimists and optimists.”  Do you know anyone who fits that description?


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  1. That is so funny you mentioned Xennials! I heard that name for the first time either yesterday or the day before, on Good Morning America. So I knew just who you were talking about.

    That was another fact I heard yesterday (or the day before) on KFI, about that song being that old. I can hardly believe that either. WHERE IS THE TIME FLYING TO??? The song All You Need is Love always makes me think of one of my favorite movies, LOVE, ACTUALLY. A movie all about love, and it ends with people coming into and out of an airport, and that song plays then. It also plays another time, during a wedding in the movie.

    When they said “MUSIC IS THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE,” they were most certainly right. How many times have you heard a song that says exactly what you are thinking? What you are feeling? How many couples have “a song”? Dale and I have a song. THE WAY WE WERE by Barbra Streisand. Our first date was to that movie, but the song hit us way before then. Every time I hear it it reminds me of when we first met, how we fell in love, etc. And never fails to make me smile.

    One of the sweetest memories I have of a song is Have a Heart, sung by Bonnie Raitt. When our third grandchild, Gavin was born, Marcia and I took him for a well baby check three days after he was born. She had to stop at a drugstore to pick something up, and I was in the car with Gavin. As music is ALWAYS playing when we’re in a car, it was on. Gavin woke up and started crying and screaming…you know, just like a newborn baby. That song was playing on the radio and I started singing it to Gavin. He immediately quieted down and just looked at me with his sweet baby eyes. I stopped and he started crying. I tried this several times and each time it worked. Well, guess what that song is called by me, ever since then? Gavin’s Song. Each time I see him he asks me to sing it at some point during a visit.

    As I have told a friend of me hundreds of times. There is a song for EVERYTHING. And it’s true. 🙂

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