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A simple hello could lead to a million new things.

Do you remember your life without an iPhone?  (I know, some of you have an Android phone, but the iPhone did come first…and everything that’s good and bad about Apple was put into Android devices.)

Yesterday, June 29, was the tenth anniversary of this iconic device.  Before that, our communication was “limited.”  We could only make phone calls on our phones, and the phones were brick-shaped.  Even more prehistoric, I remember an old boss back in the mid-80s having to meet a contractor in the parking garage at work so The Boss could have a mobile phone installed in the car’s console.  It was not a phone he could put in his pocket.  It could only be used in the car (hence, why we called it a “car phone”), and it was certainly awkward talking on that phone.

I remember buying my first iPod and paying top-dollar.  I thought I was all that and a bag of chips when I figured out how to upload albums to the iPod, and I was thrilled when I could listen to music on a plane that summer.  It was so futuristic at the time.

And now, we have a movie theater, calculator, atlas, encyclopedia, caterer, personal shopper, and post office all at our fingertips.  Just think back ten years.  You had to do go to five different places in your car before you could relax in a movie theater.

I never went the Blackberry route, but I was so happy I could play games on my Palm Pilot because my flip phone was “just” a phone.  I even had a pager back in the day, even though no one ever paged me!  Now, I have an iPhone that does everything.  Thanks Steve Jobs.





One thought on “Phoning the 60 Blog

  1. I heard that yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Only 10 years? It seems like it’s been with us so much longer doesn’t it? I did not go the iPhone route. I do still own an iPod and have thousands of songs on it. But…I don’t listen to it anymore. What do I take when I go walking in the morning? My phone! I went the Android route and absolutely love it. I started with sort of a dinosaur phone, which Dale got for me when we lived in Riverside. Every Friday night I went to the movies. Of course! We always saw two and sometimes three. I wouldn’t get home ’till late, and he got me that so I’d never be caught without a phone nearby. But I remember before that, you could have an antenna put on your car, called a “phoney,” which would make people think you had a car phone! Ha! Then I moved on to a Nokia phone, and then an LPG little flip phone, which I loved! After that came the Blackberry. Probably one of my favorites so far. I only had to charge it about once a week. When we finally went to the Smart phone I HATED to let go of my Blackberry, but we finally did it when we gave up having a landline.

    Remember the earlier phones when we had to PAY about $10/month for GPS? And now…Google Maps! I can’t tell you how safe I feel with GPS. I was coming home from a friend’s home one night a few years back, and got totally lost. I was getting frantic when I thought wait! I have GPS! It straightened me up and got me home. Yesterday with all the madness on the freeways, I was using GPS to get to a movie theater for checks and it took me through residential streets, circumventing all the junk. Bliss!

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