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Bringing wine to your book club is a great way to make up for not reading the book.

Have you ever had an issue with an item purchased on Amazon?  After all these years, I just encountered my first issue.  I ordered a book at the end of June and Amazon tells me it was delivered on July 11.  I never got it!

We’re assigned Into the Water by Paula Hawkins to read for book club, meeting a week from Sunday.  I’ve been diligently checking my mailbox for the book and it hasn’t arrived.  My brain has been slow the last few days, and yesterday was the first day I thought to follow-up with the Amazon seller.

Amazon gives you the opportunity to contact the seller with a 250-character note, but you must also leave feedback (one-to-five stars) and inform Amazon whether the seller has been prompt in his/her response.  How are you supposed to answer those questions when you haven’t contact the seller yet?  I didn’t want to give the seller zero stars, so I gave her three (a fair rating), but how is that fair?  She could be home Tuesday evening furiously searching for her proofs of delivery and I’ll have an answer in no time.  Or not.  We’ll see.

No response from the seller on Wednesday and I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to read the book eight days.  Do I try to get it out of the library?  Will my book club members feel sorry for me?  Will they even care if I show up for lunch next week and don’t speak?

I need to go buy some wine.



One thought on “Reading the 60 Blog

  1. Oh no! I’ve never had a problem with an Amazon seller, but I did have a problem with an eBay seller for something similar. It didn’t come and didn’t come and didn’t come. I contacted her numerous times, and eBay. I didn’t leave feedback right away. It turns out someone in her family had passed away unexpectedly, she had to travel to Canada. She wrote me as soon as she got back, offered to reimburse my money, etc. I said no, I still wanted the item, and she mailed it to me with a little something extra tucked in. I gave her excellent feedback. Why hurt her with a neutral or negative feedback, until I knew what the story was? Most sellers LIVE for feedback. That can make or break them. And these days especially. When we get books for free of something like 99 cents, the seller is so waiting for our feedback. Amazon has a certain number of feedbacks that need to be received before they will they will advertise the book. So I’m very diligent about that. In any event my friend, you still have time if you get it right away, or…we will understand. But as I don’t drink, bring me Diet Dr Pepper! LO

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