Driving the 60 Blog

If you can park it and not turn around to look at it as you walk away, it’s time for a new car.

101 miles on the odometer.  Bells and whistles which I’ve been recommended to seek help with from a 10-year-old.  An eggplant/sangria color that Leslie sees as more of a red color.  A 2017 Kia Sorento.  I haven’t had a new car since Memorial Day 2004 and I feel kind of special, if you ask me.

I can’t speak highly enough of the buying process through Autoland and my credit union. Perry was assigned to me and took care of everything.  Arranging the test drive, check.  Negotiating the best possible price and including Kia rebates and the trade-in of my car, check.  Finding me the elusive sangria color, check.  Having all the paperwork ready for me at the credit union, check.  Sitting in my new car, learning all the new stuff, in just 20 minutes, double check!

According to the Washington Post, American drivers bought more new cars and trucks in 2016 than they ever have, edging out the record set just one year earlier to give the auto industry an unprecedented seventh consecutive year of sales growth.  About 17.5 million light vehicles were sold throughout the country last year, manufacturers reported Wednesday, an increase of less than half a percent over the record set in 2015.

When did you last buy a car?  Was it certified pre-owned?  That reminds me:  what happened to the word “used”?  Does anyone realize that certified pre-owned means USED?  Okay, off the soapbox.

I’ll end today’s post with something I think we should all strive for:

On Thirsty Thursday, we get just drunk enough to admit what bothers us.  Show each other just enough kindness to make tomorrow weird.

Bottom’s up!





3 thoughts on “Driving the 60 Blog

  1. So excited for you! You deserve this. Enjoy every minute. It will feel like an old friend in no time and you’ll wonder how you ever drove without all those bells and whistles.

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  2. Dale and I have bought our last three vehicles, all Toyotas, as Certified Toyotas. The difference between “Certified” and “Used,” is that with the Certified cars, our warranties have been awesome. On my Camry I have now, that included free oil changes/car washes for five years, or 100,000 miles, whichever is sooner. Total warranty, not just the power train. It’s been wonderful! I will have 100,000 in a few months, maybe by the end of the year. When we bought the car it only had 18,000 miles on it. The green Camry I had before that was a Certified Toyota, which had been used as a Hertz Rental car. Again, the same great warranty, 15,000 miles, non-smoker, well taken care of, and $9,000 less than the MSRP of a year newer car.

    I found this interesting. Kim was here visiting from Texas two weeks ago. She always rents a car here. It came without a CD player, as most people these days have digital music. Kim hasn’t quite gotten there yet, so I showed her how to use her Amazon Prime music to download music, loaned her some ear buds and she was off. But I’m thinking of older people who do not do digital. I think they should still have the CD drive. Even though I don’t really do CDs much anymore, I still have hundreds of them! You don’t need any gadgets, bells or whistles for them. Just shove a CD in and press play.

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