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Awesome life tip:  Take responsibility for your health by connecting with your body.  Start by tuning in and asking what it craves, desires, or needs in this moment.  Rest?  Hydration?  A big salad?  Some sunshine and fresh air?  As you begin to listen to your body, you’ll start to make healthier choices, both in and out of the kitchen.

Every summer since 2001, Leslie and I watch Big Brother.  It’s like our summertime crack.  CBS puts about 15 strangers in a house to live together for up to three months, with cameras and microphones everywhere.  Over the years, we’ve seen our share of idiots, geniuses, people who shouldn’t have passed the mental exam, over-the-top clowns, savvy players, and a large portion of just plain stupid people.

I will talk about the whole Big Brother drama/comedy/saga at another time, but today it reminds me of something one of this year’s contestants said on the show a few weeks ago.

When you watch reality shows and the contestant gives his or her little confessional speech, their name and job appears under their picture.  Didn’t last season of The Bachelor cast a guy whose job was “balloon artist”?  I mean, really.  Anyway, this season of Big Brother features a contestant named Christmas (as if that isn’t fake enough…) whose job is “fitness superstar.”

This woman’s body is amazing, and she does look like she works out hours a day.  She also competes in competitions, which became a discussion point when she broke her foot.

With nothing to do in that house but work out or gossip about other players, Christmas was horsing around and fell in the backyard.  On the soundbite that the show plays over (and over and over), you can definitely hear a cracked bone.  As she later explains, she broke several bones and needed to have major surgery to repair tendons, bones, and other painful things.

After the incident, in her confessional, she stated that she just knew she broke bones and it was something very serious.  It’s because she knows her body so well.  When you’re so body conscious because all you do all day is work your body (remember, her job is “fitness superstar”), you sense when even the slightest thing is out of whack.

I confess.  I know when some things are wrong and what works for me (sometimes) to fix it.  A doctor once told me years ago that her colleague was so in tune with himself that he could tell you what his blood sugar reading would be prior to testing, and was always within one or two points.  It’s like he could hear the sound of his own blood streaming through his body.  And Christmas, the reality contestant, probably counted how many cracks she heard in that split second she fell on the ground.

Are you that in tune?  Have you always been that way?  If you’ve recently become more in tune, I’d like to know how you did it.



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