Protecting the 60 Blog

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It’s called LoJack because it’s the opposite of hijack.

When I bought my new car from the credit union, I was offered a protection package.  The credit union price was about half of what I’d have paid if I bought the car through the dealer, so I figured “why the hell not?”

Today, installers came to check off two of the boxes in the protection package.   The sealant guy added protective coating on the car and inside (including the carpets and seats).  In about the same time period, the LoJack guy came to install the anti-theft device.  My credit union guy told me that when the LoJack is installed, the owner never knows where in the car the device is placed.  I guess that’s to protect the owner from being questioned by the bad guys when they try to steal the car.

Thief:  Is the car protected?
Me:  Duh, of course.
Thief:  What do you have, a stupid LoJack?
Me:  No, why would you say that?  Besides, LoJacks aren’t stupid.
Thief:  Where is it?  I wanna rip it outta the car!
Me:  I don’t know.  They never told me.
Thief:  You just let someone put something in your car?
Me:  Sure.  Perry told me it would be okay.
Thief:  Who the hell is Perry and why do I care?
Me:  Perry is my Autoland rep and a nice guy.  You’d like him.
Thief:  Do I look like I like anyone?
Me:  Now that you mention it.
Thief:  This would be much easier if you had one of those fancy steering wheel locks.
Me:  Where are we?  1991?

See, if I was being interrogated, I couldn’t tell the thief where the LoJack device was because it was secretly installed.  Besides, I’m pretty good at making witty repartee with a car thief, so I believe he would have been too distracted to continue with the theft.




4 thoughts on “Protecting the 60 Blog

  1. LOL this is all making me laugh! Especially at Jeanette. LOL Dale and I BOTH have LoJack on our cars. And guess what? We both know exactly where it is. They showed us. That doesn’t mean I’m going to show anyone else, but there you go. I don’t think we’ll tell any thief that might be around that we have Lojack.

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