Writing the 60 Blog

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Cookie Monster:  I have cookies.  Follow me.

I am 282 blog posts in.  I have a few dozen page views a week, and I’m enjoying the process of writing something almost daily.

Today, I learned of a fellow blogger, who posted today that she has over 5,000 followers!  She was so excited when she hit 4,000 followers in June, and then collected another 1,000 followers in a month.  Good for her!  Bea writes a blog post once a week about friends, motivation, mental health, and the terrific Rimmel London Wonder’Lash Mascara.  Check her out at Bea Free.

Another blogger I follow, Mah Jongg and Me, writes about a specific topic (duh, mah jongg!) and has 141 followers.  See Mah Jongg and Me.  Cat Burchmore writes a wonderful blog about running a direct sales business while living with a chronic illness.  Visit her blog here at The Chronic Entrepreneur.

I write about more general topics.  Working after 60, aging, family, travel, coffee.  Lots of comments about lots of stuff.  I hashtag a few things, and I think that’s gotten me some followers and readers (do I know anyone in Ukraine, Denmark or China?)

So what can I do to get more followers?  More readers?  More people who comment?  My friend Sandy has written 84 comments over the months, and I want her to continue!  (She won the Willing Beauty skin care regimen last month.  I’ll see her on Sunday and I’ll be able to determine if her skin does, indeed, look younger and more beautiful.)

My blogging mentor tells us that we can start using Google Analytics for the nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty statistical analysis of our blogs….but only once we reach 500 page views per week.  I have 500 page views per month–and really, I’m not complaining!  But I want more!

You can help.  Share the Facebook page on which you see this post.  Like the photos, read the articles, comment when you can.  Let me know what you think.  MNTF.


One thought on “Writing the 60 Blog

  1. Now you shared quite a few other bloggers here. DO THEY SHARE YOU AS WELL??? I signed up for a couple of them. I will share you whenever I can! I should be absolutely glowing by Sunday. Bring your magnifying glass. 🙂

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