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Thrive Market:  A year with Thrive Market.  From raising money for low income families to lowering our carbon footprint — you made a difference.

Have you Thrived lately?  If you want natural food at great prices, Thrive Market is the place to be.  For the next few days (until another special offer next month), Thrive is offering new customers free shipping and 25% off your entire order.  Click here Thrive Market to start shopping now!

I’ve made several orders from Thrive already.  One of my favorite products (and we can’t seem to get enough!) is their selection of coffees.  This one is delicious and it’s only $7.95 for a bag of beans.   Then we’ve also tried this one and it’s wonderful!  Try this for a swift kick in the a$$.  

When you get on Thrive’s website and search for coffee, however, be sure not to order this if you’re expecting a nice rich cup of brew in the morning!

It’s eye shadow.  “Coffee Bean lives up to its name. It’s a deep tawny-brown iridescent eye shadow. As a member of the Mocha collection, these colors are the richest reflective brown-tones available, and stunningly beautiful for day or night, especially when layered together.”  While it will look good on your face when you leave the house, I’m sure it won’t taste good.

So, when you’re looking for something to buy this coming weekend and you’ve exhausted your Amazon gift cards, check out Thrive Market.  Food, cosmetics, pet supplies, baby goods and, my favorite recommendation of all:  coffee!



One thought on “Thriving the 60 Blog

  1. I still haven’t tried out Thrive. Am I afraid to? Afraid to get more into shopping? LOL As I am not a coffee drinker, that part doesn’t grab me. Perhaps tea? I will check out their tea selections. And of course, eye shadow. One can NEVER have too much of that stuff. If you have some, wear it to the book club on Sunday and I will check it out!

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