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Me:  I sure feel my age.  I ache all over.
Also me:  I feel like a newborn.  No hair, no teeth, and I just peed my pants!

I’m not gray.  I’m a brunette.  Many years ago, a friend added blonde dye to my hair and it looked good for a minute.  But I’m not meant to be a blonde.  For a while, I colored my hair red and it grabbed some attention.

I will stay a brunette and not go natural (aka gray).  My long-suffering hairdresser knows the color I want and it’s always great.  At my last visit, I wanted a swath of purple in my hair and Jolene added some sections that were a lively and vibrant purple for about two weeks.  People actually remarked about my hair.  As for my suffering stylist, I don’t know how she doesn’t laugh every couple of visits when I show up with a picture.  “Here’s what I want my hair to look like!” or “What can we do to make me look like her?”  She looks at the photo, picks through a few strands of my thin hair, and says “uh, no, you don’t have enough hair.”  And that would end the discussion….until the next time I found a pretty picture.

Leslie is a natural blonde and has had a purple section for years.  Her hairdresser gets the color ready when she walks in the door, Leslie always says “more!” and her hair gets compliments everywhere she goes.  In fact, if she had a nickel for every time a complete stranger said something about her hair, she’d be the one driving a new car right now!

So I visited Jolene today.  Did the usual chair sitting, color applying, coffee sipping, dryer sitting, napping.  Had to be prodded awake!  It’s only 10:00 in the morning, ladies, leave me sleeping!

Just kidding.


2 thoughts on “Coloring the 60 Blog

  1. Ahhhh, hair color! I remember when you had red in your hair. I loved it. But then, I am very partial to anything red. I’m with you. I will never go natural (aka gray). I am of the opinion that gray ages you at least 20 years. I don’t know if I said this before, but my mom had beautiful medium brown hair. When she was younger she died it black. She had beautiful hair. Two years before she passed away, she let her hair grow gray. I don’t know why. She said it was too much trouble, but she had a standing beauty parlor appointment every Friday. She didn’t even have to do her own hair. When I first saw it, what a shock. This “old person” wasn’t mom! After she passed away, we had her hair tinted back to its original brown and THEN she was mom.

    I’ve had hair every color. More so when I was younger. Streaked, frosted, blonde. Never black. My sister is a natural blonde (like Leslie’s color) and for spite once (against who knows) dyed it black. Harsh! Unnatural looking. In a word…UGLY. FUGLY! Now she has it colored a light brown and has bits of all colors put in it…orange, purple…it’s pretty cool and I like it. For a year my daughter Marcia was in a rainbow phase. For two months at a time, she would pick one color of the rainbow and wear only that color, and then had streaks of that color put in her hair. She has long hair and it looked spectacular!

    Let’s all go Rainbow Brite!

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